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May 11 2018

Austrian Who Welcomed Refugees Begins to Repent

Being helpless, useless, floundering victims of no use to European society gives refugees such moral leverage, from the point of view of the liberals in charge, that most any demand will be met, no matter how outrageous. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in arrogance and an attitude of entitlement, which can be disheartening to well-meaning fools who initially welcomed Europe’s conquerors, like Franz Schmalwieser of Austria:

Schmalwieser took care of four asylum-seeker families at the mayor’s request. He was their coordinator, fundraiser, German teacher and he also gave cycling lessons to the families.

His eyes were opened one day as the family was searching through free clothes they had received from the Austrian people. While they browsed through them, Schmalwieser heard often: “Franz, that’s nothing, let’s go shopping. It should be name-brand.”

In addition to brand name clothing, refugees demanded €1,400/month incomes, presumably unrelated to work, and homes specifically in Vienna.

Schmalwieser no longer takes part in the ‘refugee welcome committee’. He concludes that many leftist[s] are “unrealistic” and they “do not understand what they are doing to the state”.

The next step in Herr Schmalwieser’s awakening will come when he figures out that leftists know exactly what they are doing to Austria and to the rest of Europe.

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