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May 19 2017

Authoritarian Moonbattery in Action: Cuomo’s Closing of Indian Point

Congrats to New York’s overtly malevolent Governor Andrew Cuomo. He has a feather in his cap, having coerced the Indian Point nuclear plant to close down by 2021, and even to cough up $15 million for “green projects.” This is sure to impress his fellow progressives as he positions himself to run for POTUS in 2020.

Liberals shout that the planet is doomed because of carbon emissions; Indian Point, which provides one-quarter of the energy for New York City and neighboring Westchester County, produces no CO2. However, moonbats don’t like nuclear power any better than coal, for murky ideological reasons. They only approve of inefficient “green” energy, possibly so called because it requires massive amounts of money to produce enough juice to make anything go.

Replacing the energy lost when Indian Point closes will not be easy, in light of Cuomo’s insane 50% renewable energy mandate. The difference has to be made up from wind, solar, and Canadian hydroelectricity imported from far away at great expense. As the Wall Street Journal notes,

The consulting firm Energy Watch estimates that Indian Point’s closure will increase electricity rates by 1 to 1.5 cents per kilowatt hour. New York already has among the highest electric rates in the country.

That isn’t the only cost Cuomo has imposed on New Yorkers:

[Indian Point] also employs about 1,000 full-time workers and pays $30 million a year to local governments. Towns and school districts may have to raise property taxes to compensate.

It should be noted that property taxes in New York are already so outlandishly high that many people including me have left the state at least in part because of them.

In addition,

Cuomo is blocking fracking and a pipeline to deliver cheap natural gas to upstate New York.

The state’s future under Cuomo’s rule is looking not only expensive but potentially cold and dark.

To top it off, despite his sanctimonious green posturing, Cuomo violated environmental law to shut down Indian Point:

Cuomo never conducted a full environmental review as required by the State Environmental Quality Review Act prior to pulling the plug. … Cuomo short-circuited the review and failed to document the economic and environmental impact of closing the plant as well as the means of mitigating the damage.

If you like high-handed authoritarianism in the service of irresponsible moonbattery so much that you can’t wait for Cuomo to run for President in 2020, you might consider becoming one of the vanishing few Americans who move to rather than out of New York.

On a tip from Varla.

18 Responses to “Authoritarian Moonbattery in Action: Cuomo’s Closing of Indian Point”

  1. George Lortz says:

    It should be noted that property taxes in New York are already so outlandishly high that many people including me have left the state at least in part because of them.
    I moved to Florida in 1987. I bought a nice new home, with a pool. It took me 12 years for my property taxes to reach the point where they were when I left L.I.; and my home was brand new, not 40 yrs. old, when I bought it. I only go back to L.I. for weddings and funerals.

  2. NotKennedy says:

    It took a lot to outdo Gray Davis. Davis has met his match.

  3. J- says:

    The dopants used to turn silicon into solar panels is very toxic to extract and difficult to mine. There is a reason they are called rare earth elements. There is more CO2 released to make solar panels than in just powering with coal.

  4. Commentor says:

    It’s not Cuomo. It’s Virgil “The Turk” Sollozzo.

  5. Bosun Higgs says:

    Yeah! Nuclear is “unnatural.”

    Seriously, we don’t have enough examples of moonbat/socialist failures currently in the world and in history to drive the point home? New York will look like North Korea in night-time satellite photos.

  6. Agrippa says:

    Buh-bye, NY! The (alleged) Governor looks like an ugly version of Al Pacino as Michael Corleone about to put a bullet in someone’s forehead. Man, these a-holes love them some totalitarianism!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Power corrupts, being a Democrat corrupts absolutely…

  8. No guns….check.
    No soft drinks…..check.
    No electricity….check.
    No deportations…check.
    No sense…check.

  9. grayjohn says:

    LMAO! Imagine New York trying to function on fake green energy.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Times Square running on wind power… not!

  11. Mike_W20 says:

    Didn’t I see this guy in “The Godfather”?

  12. Hungjumper says:

    From here on out he’ll be known as “Brown-out Andy”. Of course not to be confused with BRAVO’s “Brown-eye Andy”.

    The people will love him for it.

  13. Hungjumper says:

    e and Moonbat Brown are in the governor’s race to the bottom. Well done.

  14. Ednajartis says:

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  15. […] Authoritarian Moonbattery in Action: Cuomo’s Closing of Indian Point […]

  16. Mark Matis says:

    And it is New York State’s “finest” who enable him in this and all the other evil he does. Be sure to thank them – and their families – appropriately for being his Thugs with Guns.

  17. Mark Matis says:

    Definitely not. The guy in the Godfather had FAR more honor than this guy. And the Godfather guy’s Thugs with Guns had far more honor than Cuomo’s version of them as well.

  18. Mark Matis says:

    And why not? With all the lies, hot air and bull shiite spewing from Carlos Slim’s property on Eighth Avenue…

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