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Jan 01 2020

Avoid the Hot Food Bar in Cities Run by Moonbats

In cities run by moonbats, supermarkets are not only convenient places to crap on the floor; they provide excellent opportunities to chow down on free food.

The New York Post reports from NYC:

A drooling and pungent homeless man made double-dipping look like child’s play at a Midtown Whole Foods, grabbing from the hot food bar with his bare hands to stuff his bearded face — as employees just chuckled and said they were powerless to stop him.

A Post photo editor had just plunked down $17 for a jerk chicken dinner at the store across from Bryant Park on Sunday night when he spotted the grungy gourmand ignoring numerous “No Sampling” signs to treat the bar like his personal feed bag.

Homeless people qualify as “oppressed.” That means the whole city is their personal feed bag.

Sometimes he used the serving spoons to shovel food into his own cup…

But at other points, he simply dug in with his visibly dirty mitts, grabbing food from the trays and shoving it directly into his mouth, wet with drool and framed by a scraggly beard.

In the closest thing to a display of personal hygiene from the man, he stopped every now and then to lick his fingers clean.

No one moved to stop him. That would have been oppression. One employee reported that he comes in there and behaves like that “all the time.” It’s DeBlasioLand, what are you gonna do?

Diseases spread by the homeless include tuberculosis, hepatitis, typhus, shigellosis, trench fever, skin infections, and potentially even bubonic plague.

When supermarkets stop having food bars, and then when all the food is displayed in locked Plexiglas cases, we will know why.

In the meantime, the tainted food supposedly gets tossed (although apparently not right away). Law-abiding normal people pick up the tab through higher prices.

Another word for liberal rule is anarchotyranny. If you try to make an honest dollar, Big Government will break your kneecaps and empty your wallet. But if you are a hooligan or drug-addled bum, you are welcome to behave however you please.

A few postcards from New York under the rule of social justice warriors like Bill de Blasio:

Don’t let this happen to your town. Vote for whichever candidate is the least liberal.

On tips from Sean C, Frances J, and Stormfax.

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  1. […] In any case, there is a term for the phenomenon: anarchotyranny. A textbook example of it is today’s Venezuela, where violent street crime is skyrocketing while law-abiding citizens eat their pets because they are not allowed to earn an honest living under socialism. An incipient example is New York City. […]

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