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Oct 20 2018

Babies: Invading Armies’ New Weapon of Choice

In the olden days, hostile invasions of one society by another utilized weapons that were clearly identifiable as weapons, be they Muslim scimitars, Nazi tanks, Japanese bombers, et cetera. But things are done differently in the age of asymmetrical warfare. The most effective weapons do not fire bullets or shells but rather smelly brown loads into their diapers. AFP coverage of the ongoing invasion of the USA by Central America is illustrative of the military effectiveness of babies:

Thousands of migrants who forced their way through Guatemala’s northwestern border and flooded onto a bridge leading to Mexico … hurled rocks and other objects at hundreds of riot police, who responded with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Multiple migrants, federal police and journalists were wounded.

“We’re running away from violence, and we arrive here and they just hit us more,” sobbed 28-year-old Marta Ornelas Cazares, who was nursing her baby…

We bested Erwin Rommel; whether we can beat Marta Ornelas Cazares remains to be seen. Her ability to crank out an infinite quantity of grasping, needy babies and her willingness to risk those babies for the sake of the invasion make her a much more formidable enemy.

America’s primary weaknesses are known even in jungle villages in the remotest Central American backwaters. These weaknesses consist of suicidal altruism and a fifth column that controls much of the government and almost all of the media and wants to see America conquered and transformed.

This is why invaders who haven’t produced their own babies borrow or abduct them from other people. In the past, you wouldn’t have joined an invasion force without a rifle; now, you don’t do it without a baby.

The migrants could be seen passing babies overhead through the crowd, as women holding crying children by the hand or pressing their infants to their chests streamed past the broken metal barriers and onto the bridge.

The invaders’ allies in our media will make the most of those strategically indispensable babies, even if they have to lie to achieve maximum effect.

As has been acknowledged even at The Hill:

Treating children as a get-out-of-jail-free card for illegal border-crossers may have been defensible when it applied to only a handful of people, but it has caused the problem to mushroom. Releasing anyone who brings his or her child into the U.S. has incentivized the smuggling of children and enabled an increasingly large share of new illegal aliens to get past the border and embed themselves in our society.

Natural law dictates that every society has not only a right but a duty to defend itself from foreign invasion. The price of failing in this duty is existence.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

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