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Jul 28 2019

Baltimore Brouhaha: Everyone Is Racist

The latest proof that Trump is a racist consists of accurate observations regarding the Third World hellhole to which Baltimore has been reduced. It is represented in Congress by the unhinged moonbat Elijah Cummings:

Of the biggest 50 US cities, Baltimore has the highest homicide rate. It is a garbage dump:

Blacks who escape the Democrat reservation by exposing politically incorrect truths will of course be punished. Release the hounds:

It doesn’t matter whether what you say is true. It only matters whether it is racist to say it.

The key word in the tweet above is RACIST. How dare Trump say that a region where the liberal holy grail of a black majority has been achieved is not heaven on earth? RACIST!!!

Uh oh. Looks like Bernie Sanders is a racist too:

Come to think of it, everyone is racist, since everyone knows things it is racist to know. If everyone is racist, then no one is racist. So let’s stop letting left-wing bullies cudgel people with this meaningless word.

On a tip from Scott D, Varla, Anonymous, and Don M.

One Response to “Baltimore Brouhaha: Everyone Is Racist”

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