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Dec 30 2011

Bare Naked Islam Learns There Is No Free Lunch

If you want to run a blog, make arrangements with a web host and pay them the reasonable fees they charge. Nothing is free, including “free” hosting services provided by Google (Blogger) and WordPress. As with Big Government, whenever you are given something, you are giving your freedom in return. This lesson seems to be getting through to the good folks at Bare Naked Islam, which has been shut down again by WordPress. A message from BNI, via

Of course we are looking at WordPress to tell us why, but it seems their staff is conveniently on holidays until Jan 2nd… [still were there to take her site down, we note].

I am hoping the site can be brought back with another server if this one keeps caving in to CAIR, or whichever variation is forcing the issue.

Last time the plug was pulled on BNI, it was due to bullying from the Hamas front group CAIR. Apparently this Islamic answer to the ACLU is again responsible.

The Internet business is unfortunately rife with dhimmified moonbats who will gladly grovel in the face of Islamofascist demands. Don’t wear their free leash. Get your site hosted by someone trustworthy enough to expect to be paid.

Hopefully returning soon at a different URL.

On tips from Bob J and IslandLifer.

13 Responses to “Bare Naked Islam Learns There Is No Free Lunch”

  1. StanInTexas says:

    Today, the worst crime a person can commit is telling the truth about Muslims or Islam.

    BNI, I will be looking for your return.

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  3. Bill T says:

    Here’s a 2011 scorecard.
    What follows is a brief summary of some of the more outrageous Islam-related controversies that took place in Europe during 2011.

  4. wingmann says:

    First they came for….I said nothing.

    HAD ENOUGH YET ? ? ?

  5. Hot Tips 2011 says:

    Once this sham administration totally capitulates
    to islam and makes any criticism of it a crime, we are
    done and the rest of our freedoms won’t be far behind.

    Shrillary is already in “talks” with them on this and it is also being looked at by none other that the UN.

  6. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    This tactic of submission is a recurring theme with the left

  7. Tom says:

    I was in the middle of reading about that Texas Moslem nutjob who murdered his whole family dressed as Santa… refreshed the page… and ~poof~ IT WAS GONE!

    These wildass Moslems can’t hide the truth. They’ll try. They might even be able to totally censor the Internet. That’s when they’ll wish objection of their evil ways had been confined to the Web.

  8. Tom says:

    Thanks for the link, 1389AD, but half of it has been 404’d like the BNI site.

    Those wild & wacky Moslems really don’t want this nutjob’s story to get legs, do they?

    Oh, that’s right…these are All-American Moslems.

  9. Travis Wilde says:

    “WordPress now saying that CAIR had nothing to do with their decision to take down my blog (despite CAIR bragging about it all over the internet). But they still want me off by Jan. 6th.”

  10. Travis Wilde says:

    Disclaimer: That’s a quote from BNI … I’m not him.

  11. Son of Taz says:

    If CAIR can muster hundreds of complainers to pound away at an ISP or hosting provider, then why can’t we?

    The American Family Association has successfully done this with a number of idiots who are intent on destroying the culture. They’ve successfully stage boycotts against several large businesses.

    All it takes is emails, phone calls and yes, even snail mail. Maybe that should be our New Year’s resolution – use the same weapons they use against us on them.

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