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Jul 24 2020

Baseball Demonstrates That America Has Become a Theocracy

The Founders did not intend for America to have an official national religion, and certainly not an official national denomination. Yet we do.

The religion is Cultural Marxism, a dualistic faith according to which the core population that created the country is intrinsically evil, and any group that can be arrayed against it is intrinsically good.

The denomination is the alarmingly radical sect of Cultural Marxists calling themselves Black Lives Matter, whose hatred of the core population is channeled into the combination of economic Marxism and violent black supremacism that we saw earlier in the Black Panthers. In place of the Trinity, BLM requires that we regard as deities black criminals who died in police custody.

Major League Baseball confirms that Black Lives Matter is a church at which Americans are required to worship, lest they be canceled for heresy.

The first games of the season took place yesterday, but only after a grotesque ceremony in which the players knelt in obeisance to Black Lives Matter while holding a black ribbon symbolizing that all are united in the BLM faith:

Good thing Aubrey Huff has retired. I don’t think the MLB execs could get him to kneel to a Marxist/black supremacist terrorist organization.

It doesn’t end there. Lest anyone forget that adherence to the Black Lives Matter faith and reverence for the rioting that defines it are far more important than entertainment, “Black Lives Matter” was stenciled on the pitcher’s mound. Players wore patches on their sleeves reading “Black Lives Matter” or “United for Change,” the latter expressing the BLM doctrine that America is “racist” and therefore must be changed into a different sort of country.

The Red Sox, whose moonbat manager Alex Cora refused to visit the White House for political reasons after the team won the 2018 World Series, are ramming the religion down the audience’s throat still more aggressively:

The Boston Red Sox unveiled a massive Black Lives Matter billboard Wednesday. The 250-foot billboard is adjacent to Fenway Park and faces the Massachusetts Turnpike. The huge sign features the words “Black Lives Matter” in the font of the Red Sox on a black background with the team’s logo at the end.

Baseball used to appeal to patriotic Americans with a love of tradition. No longer, now that it has been coopted by radical leftism. But you won’t escape the BLM sermonizing by walking away from the game; not if you have to drive through Boston.

In other baseball news, Mookie Betts has signed a contract extension for $365 million. To play a fun game during the summer. Yet when the Dodgers took the field yesterday, Betts knelt not only for the BLM ceremony beforehand but during the national anthem itself to drive home the message that America must be torn down because it oppresses black people like himself.

Good-bye, baseball. I’m done. Good luck finding Millennials with a nine-inning attention span.

Iran is also a totalitarian theocracy. But you can probably attend sporting events there without having Shia Islam rammed down your throat half this forcefully.

On tips from Varla, Sean C, and Stormfax. Hat tip: Big League Politics.

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