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Jan 25 2020

Bat Soup, Moonbattery, and Deadly Disease

As noted previously (e.g., here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), progressive social engineers want us to eat bugs instead of proper food, for various ideological reasons that would seem reasonable only to a deranged moonbat. Eating weird stuff is perfectly normal, we are told. Other cultures do it; not being like other cultures is ethnocentric and therefore bad (except when they choose to denounce you for cultural appropriation).

However, there could be reasons why our highly successful culture evolved the way it did, with the tastes that have prevailed for generations. For example, we don’t eat bats. Eating bats caused Ebola. Looks like it might also have caused the deadly coronavirus coming out of China:

If not eating bats makes you a racist, let them call you a racist.

On tips from Kate P and KirklesWorth.

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