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Jul 09 2024

BBC Version of 1066 Has Black Britons

As George Orwell wrote in his instruction manual for modern liberals,

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”

Here’s how the entertainment industry applies the strategy:

The BBC has chosen a “racially diverse cast” to play the characters in its upcoming historical drama about the Battle of Hastings, which occurred in 1066, leading one historian to decry the “bizarre notion that there were black earls in Anglo-Saxon England.”

The BBC inspired Orwell to name the torture chamber at the Ministry of Love “Room 101.” Once again this coercively subsidized propaganda platform pushes moonbattery to the furthest limits of self-parody. It would not be more preposterous to have an earl in Medieval England played by a talking kangaroo.

Maybe the BBC is hoping viewers will tune in to see whether William the Conqueror was now a transvestite. Or maybe the Beeb doesn’t care whether people watch the crap it excretes, since they have to pay for it regardless.

We can’t lay all the blame on Britain’s socialized media:

The eight-part series King and Conqueror, which is a CBS Studios co-production, will feature numerous non-white characters, including one taking the role of a real 11th-century leader.

This should at least prevent people from taking anything from CBS at face value — not that anyone does anyway.

Among those contributing to the DEI,

Black actor Jason Forbes will play the fictional character Thane Thomas, “with the “thanes” being a layer of nobility in the ethnically homogeneous society of Anglo-Saxon England,” reports the Telegraph.

Within a few generations, Britain will always have been populated by BIPOCs.

By erasing British history, they are retroactively erasing the British people. Immigration policy will see to the erasure going forward.

On a tip from The Great Cornholio.


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