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Aug 19 2019

Bearded Ladies Infest Paleontology

Moonbattery has reduced academia to a freak show, complete with bearded ladies. From Campus Reform:

Female paleontologists, including some from the University of California, Berkeley, are wearing fake beards to highlight alleged gender bias in their field.

“Gender bias” means either that feminists are still able to dream up demands that have not yet been met, or that even if they can’t, they feel oppressed anyway.

The Bearded Lady Project tries to show that “you don’t have to be a man to love fieldwork and contribute to science,” according to a UC Berkeley news release.

You also don’t have to be a Berserkeley moonbat to make a fool of yourself. But it does help.

The bearded lady photo exhibit has been on display in many different places around the country. Fifteen UC Berkeley paleontologists are featured in the exhibit.

The Bearded Lady Project “will have accomplished its goal when white male stereotypes are banished.”

However, the stereotypes of college professors as kooks and feminists as irrational bullies remain largely unchallenged.

Coming soon — Bearded Ladies Infest Paleontology: The Movie.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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