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May 01 2013

Beat Up a White Kid Day

May 1 is May Day, the conventional Marxist holiday. In the aftermath of Marxism’s utter economic failure in the Soviet Union, we are left with cultural Marxism. Consequently, May 1 is now celebrated as Beat Up a White Kid Day:

Beat Up a White Kid Day is the colloquial name for racially motivated attacks occurring on May 1st in which Negroes, Mestizos, and other people of color randomly seek out European American (Caucasian) children and attack them. The phenomenon was first publicized by Cleveland, Ohio newspapers in 1993 following the national appeal for calm by Rodney King during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. These attacks occur on May 1st, and are most often associated with school age children. The institutional nature of the May 1st assaults were recognized in a 2003 U.S. court proceeding in which an Ohio judge concluded that “based on the evidence I’ve heard, May Day is reality and the evidence was overwhelming that this was an attack based on May Day and that the victim was chosen because she was white.”

Whatever you do, don’t warn your children about avoiding black mobs on Beat Up a White Kid Day; if Rich Lowry finds out, you could lose your job.

On a tip from Daniel S.

white girl
White girl bleed a lot.

28 Responses to “Beat Up a White Kid Day”

  1. Sam Adams says:

    Isn’t it interesting that these attacks seldom are one on one attacks (aka fighting fair).

    Of course the minorities don’t see the irony in their group attacks. If “whitey” has ever had enough and decides to retaliate, the minorities will again understand why it isn’t good to be a minority in a violent confrontation.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m sure Barack will be condemning this behavior any day now.

  3. ThisObamaNation says:

    I grew up in DC and went to DC public schools.
    Trust me…
    Everyday was beat up white kids day.
    That is what so called white flight was all about,
    keeping yourself at a safe distance from those who would attack you simply because of the color of your skin.

  4. Dr. 9 says:

    Blacks are basically cowards, which is why they always favor the mob attack, and the sucker-punch when attacking Whites. But Whites must remember something. Every single living thing on this planet has the God-given right to defend itself from harm and destruction. Man, plant, animal, insect, fish, etc. We all have that right, and it didn’t come from some elected lying crook in govt., nor from some clown in a black robe.


  5. Bo-Jangles says:




  6. Spider says:

    So, you thought this issue was settled? You believed the Obamunists who demonized everyone who’s been involved in fighting for the truth? Do you think this is so outrageous that it can’t possibly be true?

    “The bigger the lie the more people will believe it…” —Adolf Hitler

  7. YANKEE says:

    When I attended school in New York, years before the Beat Up a White Kid became a national holiday, there was a “Kill Whitey Day.” The worst part of Kill Whitey Day was that it never fell on the same date from one year to the next, so you never knew when the attacks would occur. At least the modern-day attackers have calendared the day so that white kids can be better prepared, while the media pretends that it does not exist.

  8. M.Wilson says:

    Oh shut up, Bo-Jangles. Slavery as an economic system has been obsolete since the steam engine was invented. One of the major reasons the South lost the war in the first place was that their dependence on slave labor had kept them from mechanizing their industrial base, and as a result they could not manufacture war materiel on a sufficient scale to out-shoot the North.

    What needs to happen is we need to stop turning a blind eye to Black racism, and especially their practice of racial violence. We need to stop demonizing White people, and take measures to ensure that people are better trained and equipped to defend themselves in order to keep the peace.

    The worst part of “beat/kill whitey day”, if you ask me, is that the whiteys in question are being trained to not protect themselves. They are being taught that it is better to take their beating, or forfeit their life, than stand up for themselves and be crucified for daring to lay a hand on their minority masters. This doctrine of suicidal pacifism is a crime against all common sense and decency. Self-defense must be taught, encouraged, and applauded in order to fight back against this sort of violence.

  9. Clingtomyguns says:

    While ferrals celebrate “Beat Up a White Kid Day” with smashing a few skulls or worse of innocent whites, I’m going to be celebrating Stand My Ground Day by imagining rapid firing my Glock 35 with many 17 round mags at hordes of ferrals coming at me or my family and watching them scatter and bleed like the rats they are. I’m also celebrating the proven statistics of millions upon millions of assaults and crimes that were stopped by honest folks exercising their God-given rights of self defense with their side arms, many times with Negroes, Mestizos, and other people of colors’ corpses lying past the business ends of smoking barrels as a result of their attempted crimes against whites.

  10. Flu-Bird says:

    Hold the parents of these black youth bullies financialy and responibly liable for these send the bullies to a adult prison for 30 years NO KID GLOVES for these young savages

  11. KHarn says:

    “Bo-Jangles says:May 1, 2013 at 12:07 pm”

    Why don’t you learn what slavery was REALLY like?

  12. Katya Kakhov says:

    Hey Jangles

    Fuck you in the neck .

  13. Wilberforce says:

    Yeah, a group of idiots tried this a few years back at the Iowa State Fair (which Dave covered here). They banded up like cowards, tried to beat up on some fair-goers, then took their act to the nearest tap house not knowing it was a local biker bar.

    Needless to say, it didn’t turn out so well for them.

  14. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Leftists are more than willing to reintroduce slavery.

  15. dan says:

    …some would say that taxes with the threat of incarceration (the primary vector of the spread to the dark population/savages) and financial ruin is close enough to slavery…
    but I see this as one more reason to homeschool

  16. dan says:

    Wilberforce…you just made my May-day 🙂

  17. IslandLifer says:

    M. Wilson and Dr. 9 both make a great point. I don’t have kids but believe me if I did they would grow up hard like I did and KNOW when to fight and when not to. Parents had better learn that by teaching their youth to turn the other cheek will only result in more bullying and eventually like the pic above. Blacks and Mexicans NEVER fight one on one. You fight the bean, you fight the whole burrito. Unfortunately it seems the good are greatly outnumbered these days. Call me mean but if one of them pops off at the mouth it’s in his best interest that he gets his ass kicked in order to learn the lesson of respect!

  18. Ummah Gummah says:


    Obama’s sons and daughters..?


  19. Ummah Gummah says:


    From my days in New York: When faced with a small mob between 4 and 10 “kids”, pick ONE and JUMP the bastard and WHALE on him GOOD!! The rest will go scampering off faster than you can say “affirmative action”.

    They can tell when you pick one of them out and they will usually find a reason not to attack.. I’ve also faked them out by putting a hand in my jacket pocket, prompting the question if I had a gun. “Make your move if you want to find out” and they prefer not to LOL.

    I’ve even fought off a mob of these chickenshits at the Astor Place 6 Train with an umbrella.. plenty of chickenshit whitelibs around pretending not to notice. in other words, I was on my own in plain daylight.

    NEVER EVER think just because other white people are around that any of them will help you.

    They will very likely be LIEberals.


  20. Cameraman says:

    We Whites need a “Beat The Congo Day” Fight back or Lose, this is pure Insanity. NEVER let them get you on the Ground, if you can”t get in any licks, live to fight another Day, and Run Like Hell..they are Cowards!

    Semper Fi

  21. Flu-Bird says:

    If these blacks must act so uncivilized then sent them to live on some planet somewhere their far too savage to return to a civilized africa

  22. Sweep the leg says:

    At least “civilized” blacks everywhere, are protesting and screaming for an end to black violence and criminal…what’s that? Not a peep? Like the “moderate” muslims?


  23. Michael T says:

    Fucking buffalo stink n******.

  24. cold steel for an iron age says:

    Attack girls and children? How tough. Only attack when you have numbers? How tough. Know what they make to even the numbers? Extra magazines.

  25. Jim says:

    Sounds to me like “shoot a racist thug in the head” day. The left obviously owns racisim in todays world.

  26. Gary Benson says:

    I worked in black and Hispanic areas for 30 years. I’m not saying that you have to fight with them all of the time…but if you DO have a fight with ONE of them, then you have to fight ALL of them. That’s the way they roll. Whites better wake the fuck up.

  27. Anonymoose says:

    Reading Metapedia? Moonbattery is growing up.

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