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Jul 22 2019

Berkeley Language Purge

Berkeley was the original home of the free speech movement back in the 1960s. But now that the Left is the establishment, it leads in the opposite direction, curtailing thought by restricting language.

The city’s most recent updates to the Newspeak Dictionary cross the line into self-parody. Berkeley’s moonbat rulers voted unanimously last week to abolish dozens of terms that are insufficiently gender-neutral and therefore sexist and/or transphobic.

Familiar language is to be replaced with awkward Newspeak: “maintenance hole” for “manhole,” “human-made” for “manmade,” “collegiate Greek system residences” for fraternities and sororities.

Not even pronouns escape the language purge:

[M]asculine and feminine pronouns like “she,” ”her,” ”he” and “him” will be replaced by “they” and “them,” according to the measure approved Tuesday by the City Council.

Third-person singular pronouns are now regarded as a thought crime.

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