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Nov 03 2019

Berlin Statue Honoring African Drug Dealers

One fringe benefit of conquering foreign lands is that you can erect statues there to assert your domination. Sometimes, if the vanquished nation has its spirit broken entirely and is particularly obsequious, it will put up the statues for you. A Berlin artist actually erected a statue to honor the African drug dealers who are helping to sink the city into the Third World.

Via Summit News:

The statue was erected in Görlitzer Park, where many actual migrant drug dealers operate.

The sick statue is the work of American-French Berlin resident Scott Holmquist, who intended it as a thumb in the eye of the sort of Germans who will risk being denounced as racists to resist displacement.

The 3-metre tall bronze statue features an African migrant drug dealer holding a cellphone. The statue was removed after standing for 24 hours.

Thankfully, Germany isn’t ready for it yet. However, that could change:

Holmquist received support from the German Greens and [Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg District] Mayor Monika Hermann.

If Holmquist is wise, he will keep the statue safely stored until the city offers to buy it from him for an extravagant sum so that it can be displayed even more prominently than before. At the current rate of moonbattery-induced decay, this should not take long.

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