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Feb 20 2019

Bernie Sanders as a Parasitic Wasp

A horror of nature is the parasitic wasp. It lays its eggs inside other living creatures. Young wasps spend the first part of their lives eating their hosts from within before erupting forth like the chest-burster in Alien, by which time death would come as a blessing to the host if it has not already died. Nature can be harsh.

So can moonbattery. Jane O’Meara Sanders, wife of the infamous Marxist presidential candidate Bernie, did to Burlington College something similar to what baby wasps do to other bugs. The Wall Street Journal reviews the consequences of her presidency:

Mrs. Sanders left the school in 2011 with a $200,795 severance. In 2016 the college closed because of what it called the “crushing weight of debt” incurred on Mrs. Sanders’s watch. The college had purchased 32 acres of property from the Roman Catholic diocese for $10 million in 2010, though it began the year with less than $1.8 million in net assets.

To finance the purchase, the college took out a $6.7 million tax-exempt loan from People’s United Bank and a $3.65 million subordinate loan from the diocese. It soon fell behind on repayments. The diocese eventually lost between $1.6 million and $2 million in principal and interest…

This involved not only gross mismanagement by the Bride of Bernie, but also fraud:

To obtain the bank loan, Mrs. Sanders signed documents suggesting the college had secured commitments for at least $2.27 million, but it raised only $676,000 from 2010 through 2014. Two donors said their pledges had been overstated in loan paperwork, the news website reported in 2015.

Carol Moore, the last president of Burlington College before it suffered the fate of a baby wasp’s host, suggests how Jane pulled it off by asking,

“What bank lends a small, private, unendowed college of that size and financial status an amount that so obviously outweighs its ability to repay?” She added that the bank was “in the state of an influential senator—a senator, as it turned out, with bigger ambitions.”

In addition to the irresponsibility and economic incompetence that are inseparable from socialism, nepotism was also on display:

Burlington College’s financial disclosures show that between 2009 and 2011 the school paid more than $328,000 to enroll students in a woodworking school run by Carina Driscoll, Mrs. Sanders’s daughter and Mr. Sanders’s stepdaughter. Ms. Moore later described the arrangement as “a sweetheart deal” and told the woodworking school was “gouging the college.”

The WSJ notes that Jane was Bernie’s “congressional chief of staff and remains among his most trusted advisers.” She “would wield significant policy influence in a Sanders White House, as Hillary Clinton did as first lady.”

Just as the parasitic wasp is an apt metaphor for what Jane Sanders did to Burlington College, her destruction of that school presages what Bernie would do to America with the comparably reckless spending he promises. Like Jane with her golden parachute, he will make out marvelously, even as the country collapses into poverty around him. Look how rich having been POTUS made his fellow collectivist Obama. Already politics has made Sanders a very rich man, despite being so useless that he was kicked out of hippy commune for laziness.

On a tip from Varla.

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