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Feb 21 2019

Bernie Sanders Explains Why Breadlines Are Good

Bernie Sanders was a big fan of the Soviet Union. At the height of the Cold War, when the USSR was poised to vaporize every major American city, he was Mayor of Burlington and had a Soviet flag on his office wall. After he married the woman who later destroyed Burlington College, they honeymooned in Russia, when it was in the grip of communist dictatorship and not the kind of place you would go without good reason.

Some complained that life in the Soviet Union entailed spending many hours waiting in line for bread. Back in the day, Bernie explained why this was no big deal:

“The rich get the food and the poor starve to death.” Sounds exactly like Venezuela under the regime that Sanders implicitly defends and shows every sign of wanting to emulate. What it does not sound like is America — unless people like Sanders are able to take over.

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