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Jan 22 2020

Bernie Staffer Wants to “Guillotine the Rich”

Kyle Jurek, the field organizer who called for Republicans and wealthy people to be subjected to hard labor in gulags (see here and here), is hardly an outlier on the Bernie Sanders campaign. In a subsequent undercover video from Project Veritas released yesterday, we see another paid field organizer, Martin Weissgerber, announce his intention to “guillotine the rich.”

Weissgerber confirms that he is a communist (as is Sanders; see here, here, here, here, and here). Like Jurek, he wants to incarcerate Republicans in “reeducation camps.” If Sanders is not elected, his plan is violent riot.

The Washington Times quotes Weissgerber:

“I’ll straight up get armed, I want to learn how to shoot and go train. I’m ready for the f**ing revolution, bro.”

Mr. Weissgerber added, “I’m telling you. Guillotine the rich.”

The guillotine is a reference to the Reign of Terror that followed the French Revolution. The totalitarian maniacs who imposed it were called Jacobins. This confirms that it is not hyperbole to refer to the people running the Bernie Sanders campaign as Jacobins.

In the video below, Weissberger confirms that the guillotine was more humane that the gulags he wants to establish.

“We have a joke that, people we don’t like, we say send them to the gulag. What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the reeducation camps,” Mr. Weissgerber said with a laugh. “Can you imagine Mitch McConnell? Lindsey Graham?”

It is no surprise to hear Weissgerber echo Jurek’s support for gulags. These were established by Vladimir Lenin; the Nazis modeled their concentration camps on them. Gulags are key to Marxism–Leninism. You could no more impose the kind of regime Bernie Sanders wants without gulags than you could do it without confiscating firearms.

The Bernie campaign is brimming with other ideas besides gulags and wealth redistribution:

Weissgerber broached the idea of having a Sanders administration disband the legislative and judiciary branches, and operate a de facto dictatorship in the name of addressing issues like climate change.

Imagine what horrors Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, and the rest might have inflicted if the global warming hoax had been invented back in their day. You can justify any extreme of malice and tyranny when the future of the planet is at stake.

Where did Weissgerber acquire the evil ideas that fill his head?

He credited his left-wing parents and college education with forming his views, saying, “I only learned this sh*t in college when I started studying the Soviet Union.”

The MSM and Hollywood must be disappointed not to get a mention.

Like many a communist tyrant, Weissgerbil has enjoyed a lavish lifestyle that underscores the phoniness of the ideology.

Without further ado, the video:

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