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Feb 06 2012

Bestiality on the Rise in Germany

Pedophilia is my guess for the next social engineering priority after liberals have normalized homosexuality to their satisfaction. But evidence from Germany suggests I could be wrong:

Madeleine Martin, the animal protection official for Hessian state government, said the law needed to be changed to make sex abuse of animals — known as zoophilia — a crime.

“It is punishable to distribute animal pornography, but the act itself is not,” she told the Frankfurter Rundschau daily paper on Friday.

“There are even animal brothels in Germany,” she said. Sex with animals was being increasingly seen as a lifestyle choice, and thus more acceptable.

Well sure. You don’t want anyone judging you to be judgmental, do you?

You would think by now Germans would have at least a dozen laws against every possible misdeed. But still more laws aren’t going to fix a civilization deformed by moonbattery to the point that people will only refrain from having sex with a dog if it is illegal.

How much is that doggie in the window?

On a tip from AC.

16 Responses to “Bestiality on the Rise in Germany”

  1. John S. says:

    Hopefully the gerbil stuffers will be at war with the PETA nuts over this. Left wing infighting is my favorite form of entertainment.

  2. AC says:

    DorkEric last seen packing his bags.

  3. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Collective guilt from the horrors of National Socialism have weakened Germans to the point of accepting every wackadoodle form of liberalism available.

    It’s disgusting.

  4. KHarn says:

    I have asked several times “Where do you regressives draw the line? When do you decide things have gone too far?”. I have NEVER gottne an answer, but I (And other clear-thinking individuals here) KNOW that there is no end. There is only ESCALATION.

  5. AnonOnline says:

    Would you expect Germans not be into this? They commonly eat eachothers feces as a part of thier sexual entertainments…animals are just more of “go to the brothel” thing because they don’t all live on farms.

    Right? Germany is where love is measured in dump size, not diamond ring size?

    (I sort of not kidding, either…)

  6. AlphaMail says:

    Kinda’ explains why Germans also call the Dachshund a weiner dog.

  7. innominatus says:

    Muslims begin migrating to Europe…
    Germans start banging animals…


  8. Val says:

    I weep for humanity!

    Yes, Darwin, this race IS evolving! /sarc

  9. AlphaMail says:

    The doggie pic was taken during Yale Sex Week.

    Another liberal SCOTUS justice and you’ll be able to marry this mutt in a few years.

    THIS JUST IN: Germans walk parks with plastic bags picking up spouse’s droppings. Social equality applied…diversity redeemed.

    It’s what liberals die for…..

  10. Winston Smith says:

    Why is this shocking? Germany is the place where a Cannibal advertised for a “Man To Cook and Eat” and some nut then showed up, they both dined on his fried man parts then the Cannibal killed the guy, cut him up and put him in his freezers.

  11. Winston Smith says:

    Here it is. The story is even more bizarre than I recalled.

  12. Winston Smith says:

    I wonder if Meiwes was a fan of the 80s band Fine Young Canibals?

  13. TonyD95B says:

    This explains a lot about Gunter.

  14. Alan says:

    The comments section in the original article had quite a few people who pointed out – perhaps sarcastically – that raping an animal was the same if not better than killing and eating it. I had a long day at work and want to preserve my sanity, so I stopped reading about halfway down.


    Whether you believe in God or evolution, or both, there is a natural order to the world and the universe. Raising plants and animals for consumption fits into that order. Homosexuality, zoophilia and eating poop do not. There are such things as crimes against nature, things that people are not designed to do. Carpenters do not use micrometers as C-clamps. Plumbers do not dispose of paint by pouring it down the sink.

  15. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Here in America, it’s the pedophiles that form the lines of the “Gay Pride Parades”
    The bestialists follow the horses.

  16. chuck in st paul says:

    Now look… that’s no way to talk about Debbie ‘double wide’ Waterhead. I know she’s a ‘beast’, but really…

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