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Oct 21 2018

Beto Fans Cannot Name an Accomplishment

Despite the embarrassing spectacle of the media establishment’s grotesque worship of Texas Senate candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke, an NPC moonbat whose only distinguishing characteristics are his pseudo-Hispanic nickname “Beto” and his adolescent behavior (i.e., playing on a skateboard), Betomaniacs at Texas A&M cannot come up with a single example of an accomplishment by their idol:

But then, playing on a skateboard without quite falling off of it is accomplishment enough for the leftist Hollyweirdos who have been bankrolling his campaign:

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2 Responses to “Beto Fans Cannot Name an Accomplishment”

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  2. […] why they like him. He is an open borders commie who is cool because he rides on a skateboard like a junior high student and makes heavy use of the F-bomb in […]

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