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Sep 11 2019

Beto: I’ll Force Rich to Live With Poor

It seemed that getting born rich was the last thing Robert Francis O’Rourke would ever do right. But now he has cleverly positioned himself to prove that he is not as full of crap as so many have come to believe. Barks “Beto”:

“Rich people are going to have to allow — or be forced to allow — lower income people to live near them.”

All Robert Francis has to do now is move into a slum and people might stop calling him a hypocritical punk. It wouldn’t be enough to stop them from laughing at him though.

One thing that is not funny about Beto is how nakedly tyrannical he is about imposing his egalitarian ideology. It is not funny because the rest of his party shares this trait.

Forget about movin’ on up. Their utopia will not be achieved until the only avenue of upward mobility is through government.

On a tip from Kate P.

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