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Mar 20 2019

Beto Literally Ate Dirt After Senate Loss

Robert Francis O’Rourke, aka Beto, is an eccentric guy. In addition to writing stories about the joys of running over children and obscene bovine poetry, he also eats dirt. Magic dirt, of course.

WaPo describes the state he was in following his Senate loss to Ted Cruz:

Whatever post-defeat sadness [his zillionaire’s daughter wife] Amy felt, she was able to kick quickly; she’s always been the stable one. Beto, on the other hand, more prone to higher highs and lower lows, was in a “funk.” In January, Beto hit the road, much as his father had done before him, and drew energy from the people he met, and — on one stop in New Mexico he didn’t write about in his blog — by eating New Mexican dirt said to have regenerative powers. (He brought some home for the family to eat, too.)

President Beto would have the whole country eating dirt after spending the economy to ruin on screwball foolishness like the Green New Deal and socialized medicine.

On a tip from Byron.

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