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Feb 15 2019

Beto: Tear Down Wall Protecting El Paso

A wall to keep out foreign lawbreakers has vastly benefitted El Paso. The crime rate used to be out of control…

Then, in 1993, a fence was built to separate the city from Ciudad Juarez, it’s crime-ridden neighbor across the Rio Grande. The results were immediate.

Talking to locals in El Paso, as the crime rate fell, the city instantly felt safer.

In fact, in just the first year alone, apprehensions by U.S. Border Control dropped 73%.

Therein lies the problem for leftists, who want as many unlawful invaders as possible to pour across the border, because this dramatically increases government dependency and provides votes for Democrats.

Still worse than the misfortune of being located across from cutthroat Juarez is the presence in El Paso of the execrable Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke. Pushing the envelope of leftist radicalism over the edge into open malice, Beto not only opposes the construction of more desperately needed border wall, but actually calls for the wall defending El Paso to be torn down:

Texas Rep Dan Crenshaw asked O’Rourke on Twitter: ‘If you could snap your fingers and make El Paso’s border wall disappear, would you?’

O’Rourke responded: ‘Absolutely, I’d take the wall down.’

Robert Francis does not like it that foreign invaders who sneak into our country in contravention of our laws don’t have the convenience of stepping across from the savage hellhole Juarez, but have to go out in the country where there is no border defense. He expects us to feel guilty about this. Meanwhile, typically of liberal elitists, he makes heavy use of barriers for his own safety.

While it is true that Robert Francis is exceptionally repugnant, his treasonous attitude typifies today’s Democrat Party, which openly sides with foreign invaders against the United States. This corrupted party is the most dangerous enemy America has ever faced.

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