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Sep 25 2011

Bible Banned From Christian Café

It’s official: Britain is no longer a free country in any meaningful sense. A private café run by Christians in Lancashire is not even allowed to display Bible verses lest they offend militant perverts who have rejected God:

Britain disintegrated into its current condition without a shot being fired. Those who fought off the Nazis probably don’t have words to describe the shame of what they’re witnessing.

On a tip from Mats.

31 Responses to “Bible Banned From Christian Café”

  1. Oiao says:

    Speaking of the UK going down the tubes…. Soon to outlaw ‘white’ paper and such.

    ……….From the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz to Meg, the good witch from the Meg and Mog children’s books, witches have always dressed in black.

    But their traditional attire has now come in for criticism from equality experts who claim it could send a negative message to toddlers in nursery and lead to racism.

    Instead, teachers should censor the toy box and replace the pointy black hat with a pink one, while dressing fairies, generally resplendent in pale pastels, in darker shades.

    Another staple of the classroom – white paper – has also been questioned by Anne O’Connor, an early years consultant who advises local authorities on equality and diversity.

    It was the Labour Party that did this to the UK.

  2. Mats says:


    Britain disintegrated into its current condition without a shot being fired.

    Exacly. And how was that done? CULTURAL MARXISM.

    The erosion of the Christian frabric by militant perverts and radical feminist is achieving the goal Stalin and all his army could not: destroying the West from within and creating socialist “paradises”.

    What these ants didn’t think about is that a de-Christianized Europe is a Europe ready to be conquered. And guess who will be doing the conquering?

  3. RKae says:

    Well, looks like they’ll just have to display some hardcore gay porn instead, so that only the right people will be offended.


    Look what happens to acountry when they allow illegal aliens to take over if they still had anyone with backbone they would deport all those illegal aliens and have their own goverments foot their bills

  5. Jimbo says:

    If liberals could swing it, they’d ban the Bible in churches and the Constitution from the Capitol.

    Both are Truth. Liberals abhor Truth. They demonstrate their hatred of Truth every time they open their mouths.

  6. anon says:

    They would have been better off under the Nazi’s sadly

  7. KHarn says:

    “anon says:September 25, 2011 at 5:15 pm”

    You mean the national SOCIALIST party? We’ve seen your post and know that you are PLEASED with this. OIAO’s post must be great news to you.

    Proof positive that the REGRESSIVES are insane.

  8. oldguy says:

    Is this something like the movie “V for Vendetta”?

  9. Rob Banks says:

    Those who fought off the Nazis probably don’t have words to describe the shame of what they’re witnessing.

    So… at what point do things get bad enough to consider that we might have been better off if the Nazis had won?

  10. Antisocialist says:

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    Falling Away = Greek word Apostasia, our english word for Apostasy, this is what we are seeing here.

    The great falling away in full swing, just look at most churches, just as apostate.

    Besides it’s cool being the Underground Resistance.

  11. Alan says:

    – Is this government property or private property?
    – If you’re offended by some display – in any store anywhere – why not just shop someplace else? Or is this the only coffee shop in town?
    – Who gets offended when Muslims say homosexuality is sinful (which they do, loud and long?)

  12. Wilberforce says:

    “Someone complained”.

    There’s no England anymore.

  13. Jodie says:

    How long before mentioning God in church will be considered hate speech? Sheeesh!

  14. Festivus says:

    Is it illegal to post koran verses in a taxi cab in Britain? Gas station? Smoke shop?


    KARL MARX would love england

  16. David says:

    Report to Room 101 if you have a Bible there in Air Strip One.

  17. bee says:

    It’s what makes Great Britain “Great”

  18. Beef says:

    The “crime” is not approving of homosexuality.

    2% of the population has now enslaved the other 98%, and has the power of the state as its disposal to control what they think.

    Does anyone in Britain read Orwell any more?

  19. Sam Adams says:

    I wouldn’t get too smug. America is on the very same path.

  20. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    We fought World War II for naught.


    They replace it with PRAYERS to GAIA

  22. scientia destruetur says:

    The tactics of the homosexual movement have been in effect since the ’80s. Society has been marketed to and manipulated by Ivy League activist professors whose goals were to make homosexuals more acceptable and to demonize opponents of homosexuality. The desensitizing worked so well that most people don’t realize they were/are the direct targets of a slick marketing campaign. That kind of stealth manipulation should be a huge concern to everyone because it is used to “sell” all kinds of evil.

    The blueprint for these strategies was the 1987 book, “Overhauling of Straight America” by Marshal E. Kirk and Hunter Madsen. It was expanded into the 1989 book, “After the Ball — How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ’90s.”

    From the book, page 153: “… by conversion [toward public acceptance of homosexuality] we mean something far more profoundly threatening to the American Way of Life, without which no truly sweeping social change can occur. We mean conversion of the average American’s emotions, mind and will, through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media.”

    Google, ‘Tactics of the Homosexual Movement’ at, and for another eye-opener, read the book, “The Marketing of Evil.”

  23. Jimbo says:

    I hereby ban sodomites from my life and my property due to the facts they hate God, are disgusting, willfully diseased, have annoying lisps, walk funny, whine a lot, are worthless in a fight, refuse to get their fingernails dirty, can’t clean a fish, can’t field dress a deer, and always have brown lip gloss that smells like feces.

    I can’t think of a single thing that makes them useful to the advancement of mankind. Not one single thing.

  24. james says:

    God left England long ago. About a week after he left the United States. He is sunning himself on a nice quiet beach in Jamaica.

    If it isn’t the Marxist swine dictating public policy in the UK, it’s the Muslims. Can’t wait until these two groups go head to head and kill each other.

  25. Dadof3 says:

    Next up:

    The job “Fireman” will be about burning these books not putting out fires. Putting them out is so Ben Franklin-ish.


  26. chuck in st paul says:

    I would have arrested the cops for an offense and demanded the identity of the complainer to arrest them – they offended me, my family, my customers, and my religion.

    Freedom of speech REQUIRES someone to be offended. It is expected if one truly has the freedom to express political, religious, or other speech. duh.

  27. Dr. 9 says:

    With each passing day, Britain, a nation of socialist pansy’s, show’s itself for what it truly is, the home of weakness and appeasement. Hitler must be laughing his head off at we fools who gave so much to save these spineless losers….. Hey Brits, enjoy your new Muslim masters and their Sharia Law…

  28. Ozconservative says:

    The pilots who died defending Britain in 1940 from the Luftwaffe are spinning in their graves faster than their Rolls-Royce Merlins ever did

  29. RonF says:

    How did it become illegal to offend people? Thank God for the First Amendment!

  30. chuck in st paul says:

    Thank God for the First Amendment!

    Too late RonF. Hate speech is an offense across America now. The definition of hate speech: anything I don’t like. Especially if I am a member of a protected class like blacks and Moooslimes. They on the other hand can say whatever vile thing comes into their tiny minds.

  31. Sinister66 says:

    chuck in st paul

    What cant you say to blacks and muslims you can say to anyone else?

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