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Jul 19 2018

Bible Study Meetings Forbidden on Pennsylvania Farm

The First Amendment guarantees the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to assemble peaceably. None of that is easy to square with Sewickley Heights Borough near Pittsburgh forbidding Scott and Terri Fetterolf from holding Bible study meetings on their 35-acre farm.

The Independence Law Center has filed a lawsuit on their behalf:

According to the lawsuit, the Fetterolfs were threatened with fines of $500 per day plus court costs for having Bible studies at their home, having meetings where religious songs are sung, conducting any religious retreats for church leaders or seminary students or conducting any religious fundraisers. …

“Government should not target religious activities for punishment, particularly when similar secular activities are permitted,” attorney Jeremy Samek said.

The Fetterolfs could have saved themselves some legal trouble by telling authorities they are studying the Communist Manifesto — or the Koran.

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