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Dec 15 2019

Biden Boasts of Recruiting Republican Votes for ObamaCare

Even by the standards of the corruptocrat Quid Pro Quo Joe, this is an astonishingly arrogant lie. Watch in amazement as Biden claims credit for getting Republicans to vote for ObamaCare:

Like the ongoing impeachment farce, ObamaCare was a 100% Democrat endeavor. Via

The Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, received no Republican votes in either the Senate or the House of Representatives when it was passed in 2009. In the Senate, the bill was passed with a total of 60 votes, or 58 Democratic Party votes and 2 Independent Party votes. The House passed the legislation with 219 Democratic votes.

When Democrats say “bring everybody together,” they mean “impose our will on everybody, whether they like it or not.”

The doglike partisan devotion of the media establishment may put Democrats at a disadvantage, in the sense that they are so used to not getting called out on their lies that they demonstrate ever more pathological contempt for the truth, to the point no reasonably informed person will take anything they say seriously.

This could be why Democrats have adopted a strategy of circumventing informed people by importing massive numbers of voters from the Third World, who only understand which party will give them more of other people’s money.

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