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Jul 08 2020

Biden Describes Police as “the Enemy,” Calls for Defunding

The idea of running the senile husk of a corrupt swamp creature like Biden was probably that they could pass him off as a moderate who would not threaten the lives of regular Americans. However, over the past few months, the radical left has solidified control over the Democrat Party, so the former strategy is out the window in favor of a new approach: turn all dials all the way to the left, and count on leftist control of the media and cancel culture intimidation to gaslight and bully the masses into compliance.

Watch in amazement as someone expecting to be elected President of the United States describes local law enforcement as “the enemy” and vows to defund it, even as violent crime rates have been shooting through the stratosphere in cities run by his fellow Democrats. This is from an interview with moonbat activist Ady Barkan, whose voice has to be synthesized because he has ALS:

Note that if the police are the enemy, that would mean the rioting mobs of black supremacists who have been tearing down our country are friends. They aren’t our friends, obviously, but they are Biden’s.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

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