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Dec 02 2019

Biden Gnaws Wife’s Fingers, Raves About Children Massaging His Hairy Legs

Democrats’ one supposedly serious candidate has always been an unsavory lightweight and is now losing it completely. Recent gasp-inducing behavior from Quid Pro Joe of the wandering hands includes gnawing on his wife’s fingers in public and raving about children massaging his hairy legs.

I wouldn’t call any kids in from the other room to hear the President of the United States if what he has to say is this:

When I first saw the hairy legs clip, I thought it might be from a Bad Lip Reading video, but it’s getting wider play now and appears to be for real. Parents, do not let your children anywhere near Joe Biden’s lap.

As Legal Insurrection notes,

Former Vice President and current 2020 Democrat candidate for president Joe Biden (DE) has a long history of gaffes, making questionable statements, being handsy and creepy, and generally being a bit of a buffoon.

Escalating senile dementia will not make this definitive swamp creature less conspicuously unsuitable for high office.

On tips from Varla, Dragon’s Lair, Ellen Olenska, and Chuck A. Hat tips:, Vlad Tepes.

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