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Mar 16 2020

Biden Promises to Halt All US Oil Production

If you think coronavirus hysteria is hurting the economy, wait until leftist maniacs take control in Washington. Then we will see how much damage fools can inflict. Joe Biden, the supposedly “moderate” Democrat candidate, announced last night that he will completely abolish drilling for oil, the lifeblood of the economy:

“No more subsidies for fossil fuel industry, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling including offshore, no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill,” Biden said. “Period. Ends.”

The USA is currently the world’s top oil producer. When it is up to Biden, we will produce none.

No matter how much oil we buy from hostile regimes abroad, energy prices will skyrocket. This will cripple every sector of an economy already reeling from coronavirus hysteria.

Biden, the alleged moderate, actually supports Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s demented Green New Deal, which is like something the Khmer Rouge would have imposed on Cambodia.

We have been learning from coronavirus that overzealous attempts to head off a crisis can cause more damage than the crisis itself. Let’s hope this lesson sinks in with the public before Democrats achieve the power to collapse the economy in the name of the nonexistent global warming crisis.

Many probably assume that Democrats are just blowing hot air to rev up their lunatic base, but aren’t actually insane enough to cause mass starvation by implementing their own stated agenda. No doubt other societies that were destroyed by their own government made similar assumptions.

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