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Nov 16 2023

Biden Regime Schemes Against Netanyahu

Since the 1,400-year-old war between Islam and civilization flared up again with the terror atrocities of October 7, the Biden Regime has attempted to play both sides. Officially, it supports Israel. Yet it shovels massive amounts of our money at Hamas, has launched a pro-Islam propaganda campaign, and is attempting to overthrow the Israeli government so as to replace Netanyahu with someone weaker.

Biden’s handlers’ idea of a solution is to move control of Gaza from Hamas terrorists to PLO terrorists. Being no fool, Netanyahu is not on board. So he must be removed:

Sensing that Netanyahu is being hamstrung by his far-right coalition allies, the US has begun to ask about the possibility of a more moderate government being shuffled in, according to a former official.

“The diplomatic umbrella the US and other Western countries are providing Israel to continue operating in Gaza constricts, as civilian casualties mount,” a Biden administration official said on condition of anonymity. “Refusal to cooperate with — and even inhibiting — [our] efforts constrict that umbrella even more.”

Daniel Greenfield aptly describes this as…

…a fancy way of describing threatening to withdraw support from Israel unless Netanyahu rejects the results of a democratic election and forms a coalition with leftists with the aim of appeasing terrorists.

As Afghanistan learned, with friends like the Democrat-controlled USA, you don’t need enemies.

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One Response to “Biden Regime Schemes Against Netanyahu”

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