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Feb 17 2021

Biden Regime Takes Down Petition Page

Like everything in politics, this is symbolic. The “We the People” petition page has been removed from the White House website. The URL redirects to the main page, from which links to it have disappeared.

Hundreds of petitions have appeared on We the People at any given time over the past decade. Those receiving 100,000 signatures were supposed to get a response from the White House. But responsiveness to the American population is not a high priority for the Biden Administration. HR1 will make it unnecessary.

Zero Hedge notes that when the page was briefly taken down after Trump took office, it was restored after a media uproar.

This time is different. It looks like mainstream media outlets have had nothing to say about it, despite the page being down since the day Biden took office. With their figurehead in power, why would we need to petition the government for a redress of grievances?

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