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May 18 2020

Big Government Comes Down on Salon Owner Lindsey Graham

We can add Lindsey Graham to the pantheon of COVID-19 era patriots, next to Shelley Luther and Karl Manke. Authorities have clobbered her with a $14,000 fine for trying to feed her family by opening her Salem, Oregon business, Glamour Salon:

Lindsay Graham is facing the hefty fine after opening her business and defying the governor’s stay-at-home order. She says her lawyers met with Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials and they will be issuing her a citation early next week.

Graham is aghast at what ChiCom virus hysteria has revealed about the bureauweenies who rule over us:

“If you can possibly believe this, on May 7 Child Protective Services showed up at my home. They questioned my husband and I, they questioned my child without me present, they searched our home,” Graham said outside her salon on Friday. “And I’ve never expected such a violent, aggressive, vindictive thing could have ever been done to me or my family.”

The $14,000 fine inflicted by Oregon Occupational Safety and Health has been confirmed.

Conservative Resurgence has more on the unconscionable bullying of Lindsey Graham:

In case anyone is still pretending that it matters, the Wuhan coronavirus is not a significant problem in Oregon. There have been a reported 137 deaths in the entire state. No doubt more people are dying from choking on food.

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