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Apr 08 2020

Big Government Jumps From Teaching to Feeding in Atlanta

Wuhan coronavirus became a problem when it made the jump from infecting bats to infecting people. Big Government has made an alarming jump too — from educating children to doling out free food to dependent masses.

Here’s a story from Atlanta dated last August:

Atlanta Public Schools has expanded the number of schools that offer free breakfast and lunch to every student, no matter their family income. …

There are now 77 Atlanta schools dishing out free meals to all students, up from 60 last year.

That means most Atlanta students can eat for free.

A more recent story from Atlanta indicates where this is heading, spurred along by the COVID-19 lockdown:

Atlanta Public Schools’ emergency meal distribution sites were swamped Saturday, with all five locations running out of food after less than two hours.

The school system, which is closed through April 10, will have no food distribution over the break, offered families a week’s worth of food at Saturday’s pickup sites. …

After initially offering meals to students’ families, the meal deliveries were broadened to anyone in the city in need, [APS Superintendent Meria] Carstarphen said.

Carstarphen said drivers for APS were inundated with people seeking help at bus stop deliveries. She said APS has applied for Georgia National Guard assistance in distributing and securing the food.

They want the military to “secure” food. Because of a virus that has not lived up to the scary models and may not kill many more Americans this year than the flu.

We already have a problem. When people accustomed to relying on free food can’t get it anymore, we will have a bigger one.

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