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May 11 2017

Big Government Shovels $Billions of Our Money at the Ivy League

Ivy League colleges have degenerated into command posts for a brainwashed army of cultural Marxists hostile to American civilization, which they work methodically to undermine and destroy. But at least since they are private schools, we don’t have to pay for them, right? Wrong:

A recent study by government watchdog Open The Books shows just how much taxpayer money goes to Ivy League schools, and it’s staggering.

Between 2011 and 2015, the eight private universities that make up the Ivy League raked in more than $25 billion in federal funding, a number that is particularly astounding in light of the fact that those same schools have a combined $119 billion in private endowment funds, which is greater than the GDP of most nations on Earth.

On top of that, tuition is stratospheric. Yet the students at these schools learn that regular Americans are greedy if we don’t want the government to confiscate the wealth we create so that it can be poured down ratholes like Ivy League social justice departments.

Eisenhower had it wrong. The military–industrial complex isn’t the problem. What we need to worry about is the academia–Big Government complex.

Taxpayers react with horror.

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6 Responses to “Big Government Shovels $Billions of Our Money at the Ivy League”

  1. Mack says:

    Private schools, eh.

  2. Jack Bauer says:

    Confiscatory taxation of the fruits of people’s labor, handed off to undeserving alleged institutions of higher learning, committing egregious thievery against our kids with outrageous costs of tuition, boarding, and fees….SMH

    Or… Another way of putting it: One form of organized crime feeding another…..

  3. StephaneDumas says:

    “academia-Big government complex”, “military-industrial complex”, “bureaucratic gouvernmental industrial complex”, etc…. the results are the same, they been hold by the same puppeteers.

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  5. Tom says:

    So between the huge endowments and this large amount of federal subsidy, WHY is tuition so high? (Actually, being an econ major, I know the answer: Supply and Demand. They can get it, so they do.)

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