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Jan 01 2019

Big Tech and the Anti-American Dream

Big Tech has made increasingly clear that it has no use for fundamental American values like freedom of speech, which Silicon Valley wields its immense power to systematically squash in the name of political correctness. As Pat Condell explains, the problem is bigger than Big Tech:

“None of the people who work for these companies have any understanding of or respect for the First Amendment and the foundational values it represents because they’ve been taught from an early age not to understand or respect it. They’re all products of a progressive education, where they’ve learned that free speech is a thing to be feared and crushed because feelings come first.”

Regulating Silicon Valley is not going to cure liberalism. We need a revival of American values for this to become the Land of the Free again. That means going up against not only Big Tech but Big Education.

On a tip from Lyle.

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