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Nov 05 2018

Big Tech Blocks Republican Ads

The liberal establishment has been pulling out all the stops in the last days before the election by blocking Republican ads so that only one side can be heard making its closing arguments.

Among the culprits we predictably find Google, which does not want you to see a moonbat screeching during a moment of silence for those killed at the Pittsburgh synagogue:

Google Ads, an online advertising platform, would not allow the Tennessee GOP to promote two videos for Blackburn’s Senate campaign as search ads because the content doesn’t meet Google’s standards, according to an email sent to the Tennessee GOP.

This ad was nixed for alleged “shocking content”:

Yes, moonbattery is shocking, all right. So is Google’s eagerness to lay its hefty thumb on the scale.

Facebook has been at it too:

On Thursday, SBA List shared on Twitter two ads that had been rejected by Facebook: one supporting Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN for Senate, and another backing Republican Matt Rosendale for Senate in Montana.

Facebook backed down. In the meantime, the ads ran on Twitter. Here’s the one for Blackburn (who has had ads banned by Twitter in the past):

This is hardly new for Fakebook. Per LifeSiteNews (which itself has been threatened with deplatforming recently and has been muffled by both Google and Twitter):

Facebook has come under fire for improperly restricting numerous conservative, pro-life, and pro-family voices, including Republican candidates, the “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston, theologian Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon, conservative video bloggers Diamond and Silk, ex-gay speaker Joseph Sciambra, and numerous pro-life groups, videos, and ads.

The usual procedure for Facebook is to back down and apologize for the “mistake.” But by then damage has been done, particularly at the very end of a campaign, when candidates are rushing to get out their message.

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