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Mar 15 2020

Bill de Blasio Wants to Nationalize Industries in Name of Coronavirus

When Rahm Emanuel advised his fellow progressives never to let a crisis go to waste, he forgot to add the caveat that they should not be too obvious about exploiting crises to push America toward communism, because sensible people will be disgusted and push back. With luck, this is what will happen with New York’s odious mayor Bill de Blasio.

The Blaze reports on his interview yesterday on MSNBC:

De Blasio told host Joy Reid that the COVID-19 pandemic makes a good “case for a nationalization, literally, a nationalization of crucial factories and industries that can produce the medical supplies to prepare this country for what we need.”

That way, we could have shortages all the time, as opposed to only when people have been whipped into a panic.

The failed presidential candidate then called for the federal government to seize control of the hand sanitizer industry.

If you can nationalize hand sanitizer, what can’t you nationalize?

Hyper-statist extremism is nothing new for de Blasio:

As Politico reported in June 2019, during his ill-fated presidential campaign, the New York City mayor said he favored abolishing private health insurance.

De Blasio’s vision of socialized medicine would “absolutely” provide sexual mutilation surgery for transsexuals. Whether it would provide basic care to meet genuine medical needs is doubtful.

Never mind the temporary shortage of hand sanitizer. If liberals like de Blasio prevail, there will be a shortage of everything except moonbattery.

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