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Jun 27 2017

Bill Maher Confirms Leftist Hatred of Humanity

If you ever doubted that leftism in general and environmentalism in particular are driven by a hatred of humanity, listen to Bill Maher’s arguments in favor of a holiday honoring people for not having children:

“There’s nothing literally that you can do that is better for the environment than to not produce another resource-sucking, waste-making human being, probably with a bad attitude.”

“I didn’t bring a kid into the world to consume valuable resources,” Maher ranted. “Where’s my breakfast in bed? Where’s my coupon ‘Good for One Foot Rub?’”

“You could do it all, you could get a hybrid car, do the recycling, not throw batteries in the trash,” he continued. “It all adds up to a fraction of the good it would do to have just one less child, because that child increases your carbon legacy by over 9,000 tons.”

By the same sick logic, you could justify murdering a child on the grounds that it would theoretically reduce the levels of harmless carbon.

Bill Maher may be an odious freak, but he has had a large audience for many years, because his views resonate with liberals.

Progressives see human reproduction as something bad. They want us to subsist as government slaves, each individual held down to the lowest common denominator. But it would be better still if we stopped reproducing. Then we wouldn’t exist at all.

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42 Responses to “Bill Maher Confirms Leftist Hatred of Humanity”

  1. Otis Longear says:

    Dicknose could start with himself.

    I often think when I see those commercials for the dating services, that their perfect
    “mate” was possibly aborted into non-existence.

  2. The Dems and the Socialists are the perennial allies of Death.
    They began by pushing contraception, then abortion, then “child-free” lifestyles, and now they’ve moved on to euthansia, so they can crush life from the opposite end of the timeline.
    Is it any surprise that a profoundly sick man like Maher would advocate destroying humanity by foregoing reproduction entirely?
    Is there no limit to the left’s self-destructive hatred of all that is good and true? None at all?

  3. George Lortz says:

    thank the Lord he didn’t make any clones. Once he’s gone, he’s gone. Maybe Jaden Smith will follow in his footsteps. We have enough weird libs in the world.

  4. 127guy says:

    Whatever miserable combination of DNA let to the loathsome Bill Maher, let’s be grateful that it won’t be continuing.

  5. Narrator 1 says:

    These people don’t like having and taking care of children of their own, so they simply co-opt higher education to indoctrinate others’ children.

  6. Dan Northrup says:

    Keep telling yourself that Bill. We all know you cry yourself to sleep with the your only comfort being the debauchery in which you have lived your privileged life. Children are our only hope. Have many.

  7. BiffWellington says:

    What would the impact on the environment be if we just got rid of Bill Maher? I’m willing to find out…

  8. FromNJ says:

    He’s a big ray of sunshine, huh?

  9. Mr. Freemarket says:

    And yet there would be all sorts of complaints if someone just shot Bill, decreasing his carbon footprint to a minimum.

  10. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Well….that assumes, of course, that there isn’t a little surprise out there that Bill either doesn’t know about or doesn’t acknowledge.

  11. Mr. Freemarket says:

    What a sad thing to think that he might be somebody’s father. Children deserve better.

  12. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Need to borrow a wood chipper?

  13. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    When they say for humans to stop breeding, they mean European Christians – they want us all dead as quickly as possible. As for the more colorfully enriched diversity mongers are a-okay with each man having six wives with five children per wife.

    Understanding their full intent is the first step in awakening to the malignancies we now face everywhere on earth.

  14. Marco says:

    I keep telling my liberal friends that the final answer to their religion of environmentalism is population control.
    Why would they wince when I suggest that they lead from the front and commit Honorable Environmental Suicide?

  15. 127guy says:

    Look for a troll looking thing with a big nose, spewing liberal talking points.

  16. KHarn says:

    Let’s see… he doesn’t have loving kids, nor occasional breakfasts in bed or foot rubs…
    Here Maher; here’s a coupon for a FREE CLUE.

  17. Occam's Stubble says:

    Considering that the left spent the 20th century murdering as many people as they could get their hands on, does this really come as a surprise to anyone?

  18. Trebuchet says:

    Welcome to the Matrix 2.0, where rather than being used as biological batteries for our robotic overlords, we’re used as slaves and mined for our votes by bureaucrats and their leftopathic soldiers.

  19. raphaelheals says:

    Oh heck no…Bill doesn’t want babies wasting all our precious resources. HE wants to waste them on himself. Selfish, self centred, narcissistic, lost soul.

  20. MAS says:

    I pray his audience heeds his advice 100%. And that more leftists tune in to sup at the table of his “wisdom”.

  21. Goblin says:

    Consider the decrease in ‘carbon footprints’

    if we just kill all the leftists.

  22. standtall909 says:

    Bill Maher is a hate filled, Christophobic, UGLY piece of ‘humanity’. I try not to pay any attention to him, hoping he’ll just go away.

  23. TED says:

    Referring to THAT POS as humanity IS AN INSULT TO HUMANITY!

  24. TED says:

    Maher and Climate Change have a lot in common…

  25. TED says:

    HEY MAHER, you are an insignificant lump of snake crap!!!

  26. TED says:

    Maher should really do news for CNN, COMEDY is NOT his forte!!

  27. TED says:

    Can you imagine Maher at Sanders age??!!!


  28. TED says:

    AND Maher is only a COMEDY MONITOR!

  29. TED says:


  30. SNuss says:

    Is Bernie speaking from experience?

  31. SNuss says:

    If they really believes the idiocy that they are spewing, they should kill themselves in support of their position.

  32. ICEvictim says:

    if that’s such a great idea then why don’t all these tards off themselves??

  33. ICEvictim says:


  34. TED says:

    It’s where they get all the names they use for name-calling. THEY have been officially classified “it” at one time or another.

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