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Jun 25 2017

Bill Nye Writer Plays Victim Card After Proclaiming Her Approval of Alexandria Shootings

Marcella Arguello is a comedian who writes for the ghastly Netflix series β€œBill Nye Saves The World.” Ideologically speaking, she is a good fit for the program, considering that Nye recently proclaimed that reproduction by white people should be restricted. Typically of social justice warriors, she is adept at playing the victim, even when the pose is absurdly inappropriate:

The mentality mainstreamed by moonbats like Marcella is an excellent reason to exercise your right to bear arms. You don’t know when you might run into a James Hodgkinson type high on their rhetoric.

Hat tip: The Liberty Daily.

19 Responses to “Bill Nye Writer Plays Victim Card After Proclaiming Her Approval of Alexandria Shootings”

  1. DDT says:

    The tenacity that liberals hold to their delusion is impressive.
    With that said it is difficult to feel sympathy for anyone who calls you ignorant for not agreeing with their lies .
    For them It’s not enough to understand you and turn away just because you have different ideas
    They have to call you a freak and declare a war to exterminate you
    I feel for her but catch reach her

  2. CTsOpinion says:

    I will be happy to read Marcella Argello’s obituary.

  3. Leon Dague says:

    I wonder how many “death threats” she actually received. Worst case, for her, would be zero, because worst of all for an entertainer is to be tuned out and ignored. And a “barrage of death threats” (possibly imaginary) would be seen as some kind of validation in the SJW community.

  4. Bosun Higgs says:

    Get the issue discussed? The left never stops harping on their agenda. But if she really feels the need, I’ll let her talk to Bettie, Abigail and November.

  5. GomeznSA says:

    Risk? WHAT risk, certainly none to YOU – hey Marcella, why don’t you come on down and use me as your first ‘sacrifice’ to get the whole thing started. I seriously doubt that you have the guts.

  6. KHarn says:

    It’s never changes; no matter how much they insist that they’ll “do things differently”, socialists (National or international) always get around to mass murder.

  7. JackisBack says:

    Brown skank threatens White men, Justice Department shrugs.

  8. A Croft says:

    Yeah, that color-blind society thing just hasn’t worked out.

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  10. TED says:


  11. TED says:


  12. TED says:


    Democratic Party Leader Caught Wishing Rep. Scalise was β€œF***ing Dead”

  13. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    If they start killing us conservatives off, the only Gun Control we will be advocating is proper shot placement:

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