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Jan 27 2020

Bill Proposed to Stop Male Athletes From Performing as Women

Finally, some pushback against the surreal phenomenon of men being allowed, for purposes of moonbattery, to compete in sports as women:

The “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act” (H. R. 5603), was introduced this month to protect women and girls in competitive sports.

The bill prohibits the use of federal funds to support athletic events at which men pretending to be women compete against actual women. Big Education sucks so greedily at the federal teat that this could apply to all college sports. It was introduced by Rep Greg Steube (R-FL), and cosponsored by Debbie Lesko (R-AZ).

“We have heard the heartbreaking stories of young women and girls from across the country who compete in sports but are losing games and even scholarships to biological males who choose to identify as women and girls,” Lesko said. “These sports should be reserved for the women and girls who work hard and train for them, not men.”

That would seem to be a no-brainer. Yet Democrats have unanimously opposed restricting women’s sports to women, so beholden are they to the depraved LGBT agenda.

Women’s sports being ruined by the bizarre phenomenon of transgender athletes include cricket, cycling, rugby, weightlifting, track, handball, football, wrestling, mixed martial arts, basketball, and even the Strong Woman Competition in South Park, Colorado.

Jim Hagedorn (R, MN) also cosponsored the bill. He notes that allowing sexually deranged men to compete as women not only undermines the integrity of women’s sports, but puts ” the safety of female athletes at risk.” He isn’t kidding.

With luck the pushback will continue until all sports distinguish between men and women on a biological rather than leftist political basis, before Fallon Fox or someone like him kills some poor woman.

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