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Jan 22 2021

Bill to Force Police to Get College Degree

How can you impose a police state when the police may not have been brainwashed into rejecting Americanism in favor of your oligarchical collectivist ideology? This troubles Democrats like Rep Steve Cohen. But Oregon, ever at the cutting edge of leftism, has devised a solution:

Oregon state lawmakers are considering a bill that would require all Oregon law enforcement officers to earn four-year college degrees, regardless of how long they have served.

Senate Bill 612, the brainchild of Senator Lew Frederick (D – Portland), would apply to every police officer, correction officer, probation and parole officer, reserve officer and regulatory specialist within the state.

No doubt all law enforcement officers will be deeply enriched by being forced to take years of classes on how they are racist sexist homophobes and their country stinks, which appears to comprise the heart of the college curriculum these days.

Officers who are currently employed within the state of Oregon would have to earn their degrees within the next four years under the proposed bill, or else they would be fired.

That’s one way of defunding the police: force out as many as possible by making the job unendurable. There will be hardly anyone left to fund. This has worked great in Portland’s sister city Seattle.

The post-secondary education requirement would apply to all officers – nearly all of whom are already working full-time covering shifts around the clock – and does not include any exceptions for officers who have been working in law enforcement positions for years.

Some cops work second jobs to support their families, because they don’t get paid much to lay their lives on the line to protect a public that has been instructed by the liberal establishment to despise them. They don’t necessarily have a lot of spare time.

The bill is currently in committee. It’s chief sponsor Lew Frederick has been a busy moonbat:

Frederick also introduced Senate Bill 619 [last] Monday to pay reparations to black Oregonians.

Under his proposed bill, $123,000 would be paid out annually to each person for the rest of their life.

With liberals in charge, being oppressed is more remunerative than working for a living.

The lucky recipients would not have to pay state, county, or city taxes on the massive handout. In utopia, taxpayers and the racially sacred will belong to totally separate castes.

Frederick’s background is unsurprising: reporter for 17 years, Director of Public Information at Portland Public Schools for 13 years, on the State Board of Education. By a fortunate coincidence, he is of the appropriate race to cash in on the reparations. A guy like Senator Frederick knows how hurtful it is to be marginalized.

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