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Jun 17 2019

Biological Warfare at the Border

The massive unlawful invasion of another country is obviously an act of war — which makes this biological warfare:

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed 5,200 adult immigrants in quarantine after being exposed to mumps or chicken pox, a dramatic jump from just a few months ago, the agency says.

Highly contagious mumps cases comprise the overwhelming majority. At least it isn’t Ebola … yet.

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan urged lawmakers for additional funding to assist operations, calling the crisis “unlike anything our country has ever faced.”

But the same Democrat-controlled Congress that will not permit a border wall to keep the invaders out has been dragging its feet on humanitarian funding, because suffering Third Worlders make for great propaganda.

McAleenan told lawmakers this week that the increasing number of migrants has hurt the morale of border officials and exposed them to sicknesses.

Longer term, the invasion will have the same effect on the country as a whole.

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