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Jul 10 2024

BIPOCs Hardest Hit by Drying Great Salt Lake

Cultural Marxism/Critical Race Theory/DEI/moonbattery is a totalitarian ideology. Despite its cramped narrowness, everything imaginable is shoehorned into it. For example, allegedly human-caused drying of the Great Salt Lake in overwhelmingly Caucasian Utah is further evidence not only in support of the global warming hoax but also that politically favored BIPOCs are oppressed.

From an actual scientific abstract:

Lake desiccation is a global problem associated with increased human water use and climate change.

As with all things related to the natural world, humans have caused devastation with their greedy insistence on utilizing resources and their hesitation to submit to sufficiently suffocating government.

Like other drying lakes, Utah’s Great Salt Lake (GSL) is producing health-harming dust.

As with all things related to anything, put-upon BIPOCs are hardest hit:

We estimate social disparities in dust fine particulate matter (PM2.5) exposures…

Experts can find social disparities anywhere. They just have to look hard enough. Government grants help provide motivation.

Dust PM2.5 exposures would increase as GSL levels drop (e.g., from 24.0 μg m−3 to 32.0 μg m−3). People of color and those with no high school diploma would experience disproportionately higher exposures…

The Great Salt Lake water level is all about social justice:

Racial/ethnic disparities would be reduced if GSL water levels rose.

Conclusions: Whites are privileged, nonwhites are oppressed. That’s all you need to know on any topic whatsoever.

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