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Aug 30 2023

Birth Control Vending Machine at Lesbian Bar

No one will need to worry about getting burdened with a baby at a Chicago bar called Dorothy. First, it is a lesbian bar. Second, it will have a special free vending machine:

The vending machine at Dorothy, 2500 W. Chicago Ave., will be funded and stocked by organizers from Midwest Access Coalition, a non-profit that provides support for people seeking abortions, said the organization’s community and events manager Walker Fitz.

Dorothy co-owner Whitney LaMora and Fitz are still working out the details, but they plan to provide emergency contraceptives, condoms, pregnancy tests and other harm reduction resources free of charge through the machine.

“Harm” refers to bringing life into the world.

Lesbians don’t normally need to worry about pregnancy. But these days, some lesbians are actually men. Besides, it’s the thought that counts. Among liberals, making a show of wanting to prevent human life is way to virtue signal.

“We just deeply believe in their goal to assist people who need an abortion in the Midwest,” LaMora said. “We’re a lesbian bar, but we support people who identify in any way, and we believe everyone should have the right and access to safe abortions.”

To be a moonbat is to be able to say “safe abortions” with a straight face.

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