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Jun 18 2023

Birth Rates Reflect Malignancy of Liberalism

The ultimate test of any ideology is whether it is conducive to human life. So let’s compare the states with the highest and lowest birthrates. This shows births per 1,000 people per the CDC:

Top 10 States With Highest Birth Rate
South Dakota – (68.60)
North Dakota – (66.70)
Alaska – (64.90)
Nebraska – (64.40)
Utah – (63.60)
Louisiana – (62.70)
Arkansas – (61.70)
Oklahoma – (61.50)
Kansas – (61)
Iowa – (60.80)

The 10 States With Lowest Birth Rate
Vermont – (44.90)
Rhode Island – (48.30)
Oregon – (48.90)
Massachusetts – (49)
New Hampshire – (49.90)
Maine – (49.90)
Connecticut – (52.10)
Colorado – (52.50)
California – (52.80)
New Mexico – (52.90)

Notice anything about the red/blue color scheme?

Liberal ideology is explicitly hostile to humanity, which progressives regard as a form of planetary cancer. Literally everything that human beings do is offensive to the sacred climate.

As Catholic Vote notes,

The prospect of overpopulation is commonly used to justify not having children, but America’s birth rate has actually been below the replacement rate since 1971.

Yet liberals actually argue that homosexuality is good because it leads to less human reproduction.

Uncoincidentally, states that gave Biden the largest share of the vote have the lowest birth rates. This is a stronger prediction of birth rate even than cost of living and church attendance.

If we succumb to leftism, the human race will die out, possibly out of sheer self-disgust.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.


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