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Oct 25 2017

Black Arrested for Anti-Black Graffiti at Eastern Michigan University

If the narrative can’t be held together, the entire ideology collapses. Fortunately for true believers, there is no shortage of volunteers to patch the faltering narrative with hate hoaxes. From Ypsilanti, Michigan:

Eddie Curlin, 29, was arraigned Monday, Oct. 23, in Washtenaw County District Court on three counts of malicious destruction of property, four counts of identity theft and one count of using computers to commit a crime…

The charges stem from incidents that took place in September 2016 at King Hall, in which a hate message was found spray painted on an exterior wall; an October 2016 incident in which a racist message was discovered spray painted on an exterior wall of Ford Hall, and a third incident that took place last spring in which a racist message was found in a men’s restroom stall in Sherzer Hall. The graffiti targeted Eastern’s black community.

By now you will have guessed that Curlin is himself black.

The authorities consider hate crimes to be a big deal. Consequently, the petty stunts resulted in a large waste of resources:

Over the past year, the Eastern Michigan University Police Department has committed more than 1,080 hours, equivalent to 135 full-time, eight-hour days, in the investigation into identifying the criminal or criminals responsible for the incidents.

No doubt it was worth it for the all the social justice awareness that was created:

Students responded to the incidents last fall and winter by protesting, including marching through the street to [EMU President James] Smith’s home following the incident in September 2016 and a sit-in at the EMU student center in November, in which many students stayed inside the building past hours of operation.

Please welcome Eddie Curlin to the Hate Hoax List.

On tips from Pegon Zellschmidt, Steve A, J, Guy B, and TCS III.

9 Responses to “Black Arrested for Anti-Black Graffiti at Eastern Michigan University”

  1. MAS says:

    1,080 man hours spent on what initially appeared to be only a vandalism thought crime. What ever happened to saying “Terrible that there are people that think like this and always have been. Call us if there’s an actual crime like assault.” ? I’m sure there’s plenty of actual crimes locally for the PD to investigate…oh wait it’s a university police department. I take that back…

  2. grayjohn says:

    This is because most white students are too busy studying or protesting to do their own vandalism

  3. magic1114 says:

    I’m sooo tired of the BS…

    Do You Have…NEGRO FATIGUE?

    Negro Fatigue, or NF, is one of the fastest-growing chronic
    fatigue syndromes. Month by month, the number of people who are experiencing
    the symptoms of NF is growing. It affects primarily white people and Asians,
    mostly between the ages of 25 and 55, although anyone can experience it.
    City-dwellers are more likely than rural inhabitants to display its symptoms,
    but NF can strike any white person of any age or locale at any time.

    Are you among those suffering from NF? Know these warning

    1. Increased blood pressure when in the presence of Negroes,
    or when viewing images of Negroes on TV or in print.

    2. Lack of concern with what Negroes want, deserve, think,
    or feel.

    3. Diminished patience with behaviors typical of Negroes, e.g.,
    talking loudly in public, crotch-grabbing, ruining theatrical movies etc.

    4. Increased awareness of the number of Negroes in one’s
    immediate environment.

    5. Hyper-alertness when encountering Negroes in public.

    6. Lack of desire to view or listen to Negro music, video
    programming, motion pictures, or other entertainments.

    7. Anomalous behavior (e.g., walking away in mid-sentence)
    when conversing with other white people who seem concerned with the welfare of

    8. Decreased resistance to using the “N-Word.”

    9. Increased feeling of annoyance when encountering the term

    10. Scrupulous avoidance of contact with Negroes at work,
    school, shops, etc.

    11. Hatred or cold indifference toward professional and
    collegiate sports, especially basketball; increased interest in “white” sports
    such as hockey, swimming, etc.

    12. Sudden lack of shame in “white” behaviors (e.g. earning
    a living, abiding by the law, monogamous marriage, wearing Dockers, etc.).

  4. Artfuldgr says:

    “By now you will have guessed that Curlin is himself black”

    Kind of silly to say given the headline of the post.. eh?

  5. MAS says:

    Oh no I have many of those symptoms! The cure will be painful…

  6. Steve2 says:

    And I thought university was moonbatty when I was there 10 years ago, at least then no one cared about the BS scribbled on bathroom walls, which included plenty of what liberals would consider “hate speech”.

  7. JackisBack says:

    It’s all about the message,not the hoax, right Huffpo?

  8. SWohio says:

    Can anyone anywhere point me toward proof of a hate crime that was actually a HATE CRIME?

    When all fails, victimization is always a (stupid) choice.

    Was this moron discovered by the black paint all over his clothes and hands? Didn’t he know that paint rarely washes off?

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