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Dec 12 2012

Black Businessman Targeted by Michigan Union Mob

It would appear that blacks sit atop the pinnacle of privilege in our society, being eligible for free money, receiving often ludicrously inappropriate hiring and promotion priority, and enjoying immunity from criticism in establishment forums. However, there are blacks even today who are subject to bigotry. They are the rare and brave breed known as black conservatives. One example is Clint Tarver, whose business was set upon by the union goons running amok in Michigan. From I Support Clint:

Clint Tarver, known as “The Hot Dog Guy” here in Lansing had his business attacked by out of line and out of control protesters near the Capitol.

Everyone who has passed the hot dog cart knows what a kind and caring individual Clint is. He never fails to bestow a smile or friendly greeting. In no way [did] he provoke this attack, nor any of the behavior displayed toward him.

Why pick on Clint? Maybe because he was hired to provide catering for the Americans for Prosperity tent that was ripped down (with people inside) by Chris Opalewski and other union gorillas. Or maybe it was because of this:

Romney’s Saturday started off well. He was the star of the Ingham County Lincoln Day breakfast, an eggs-and-coffee-and-county-commissioner-placards affair in the dining room of a Lansing, Mich., country club. Before he spoke, Republicans heard “The Star-Spangled Banner” sung by the Old School Fellas, a zoot-suited amateur doo-wop group. “Mitt’s a good, Christian man like I am,” explained Clinton Tarver, wearing the reddest of the zoot suits.

There are few coincidences in the world of politics — and even fewer examples of liberal tolerance toward blacks who won’t toe their political line.

Hat tip: Ironic Surrealism. On tips from SR and facebkwallflower.

18 Responses to “Black Businessman Targeted by Michigan Union Mob”

  1. Tatersalad says:

    Your Union reps wages in the UAW or whatever Union you might belong to:
    Only reports wages and expenses. Does not include the pensions (one of two), healthcare and other related benefits.

    1. Click on “Union Search (UAW)

    2. Enter File Number 000-149 and “submit”

    3. Select Box with file and check it.

    4. Reports specifics to LM2 and LM3 and click or submit

  2. Christene says:

    What’s the story here? Donks are the true racist, and the true haters of freedom. Nothing new here,…move along now.

  3. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Up till now it has largely been Marxism in principal.
    Now it’s Marxism in practice

  4. Tax Slave says:

    I bet Sinister666 bets that the Hot Dog Guy doesn’t do business anywhere the union goons don’t want him to.

  5. James McEnanly says:

    He worked very hard at his job, and was cheerful about it. It is no wonder that the unions hated him

  6. pinko commie rats everywhere says:

    Most of these union rat turds wouldn’t have any job otherwise and they know it that is why they fight tooth and nail for a position at the trough.

  7. Henry says:

    I bet Clinton Tarver doesn’t let his guard down anymore.

  8. Highway Hospital Student says:

    Wait…will this finally teach black people that it’s the left who hate blacks…. not the right?

    Remember Kenneth Gladney and the SEIU thugs?

    No.. Didn’t think so.

  9. son of a preacher man says:

    Just another example of stupid, fucking white bigots.

    Proving again they are ALL simply compensating for some type of inferiority complex.

    Ignore them. Shun them. Avoid them (or just make fun of them).

  10. Antisocialist says:

    Well succesful blacks are all called Uncle Toms by their own do they not?

    Unions are commie mafias. Over here they are the socialist mafia. You’d think they would be for the working man and be non political but they’re not, they’re just out to line their own pockets. Unions = Parasites

  11. […] Black Businessman Targeted by Michigan Union Mob ( […]

  12. facebkwallflower says:

    Ooooh, the union elites are in denial. As posted over at Ironic Surrealism

    “The latest denial propaganda being put out by the union elite, the ones inside the capital building, insulated from the mayhem and mob violence. So, they say the AFP took down their own tent. Welllll, If you have a mob chanting to take down the tent, then the people inside are in danger. What are the standard procedures for large tents in crowd when their is a mob threat and there is no way out for those inside? Yep, collapse the tent. Now, I am not saying AFP did that but proving it was done does not change the scene; does not change the mob violence.

    And check this out. They offer up some information we did not know about Mrs. Tarvers; don’t know if true, “He also happens to be married to the Michigan Republican Party’s Ethnic Caucus Vice-Chair” He also happens to be married to the Michigan Republican Party’s Ethnic Caucus Vice-Chair

  13. Jimbo says:

    I had a 500-word response all typed up – but let me sum it up in 5 words:

    Stinking Communists SUCK. Buy ammo.

  14. Bloodless Coup says:

    This was an act of domestic terrorism.

  15. Winston Smith says:

    Union thugs are all alike, just like the SEIU union goons who assaulted a black conservative protesting ObummerCare back in 2010. Wild eyed Unions goons should be on the Domestic Terrorist list.

  16. Cameraman says:

    Good News …They have raised Thousands of $ to Help the Hot-Dog Man get back In Business..Patriots Rule!

    Suck on that you Union Commie Bastards!

    Semper Fi

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