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Oct 23 2019

Black Jack-o’-Lanterns Denounced as Racist

It isn’t just decorations involving nooses. Jack-o’-lanterns are racist too, if they happen to be black. Bed Bath & Beyond has been caught in the act of selling these tools of racist oppression.

Via New York’s News 12 Westchester:

Bed Bath & Beyond has removed black jack-o’-lanterns from sale after a News 12 investigation that stemmed from complaints in Nyack about the product.

A Halloween display in front of a law firm was taken down in Nyack because the jack-o’-lanterns upset some community members. The jack-o’-lanterns are painted black with a white mouth.

Like Bed Bath & Beyond, the law firm Feerick, Nugent, MacCartney promptly withdrew the decorations to comply with crybully demands.

This is why the demands become ever more ludicrously unreasonable; they are always met with compliance, stoking the power trip that motivates social justice warriors.

Local NAACP Director Wilbur Aldridge says [there being black jack-o’-lanterns] shows an “extreme lack of sensitivity.”

Bed Bath & Beyond’s apology and immediate withdrawal of the product only guarantee that more racism will be found on its shelves.

Maybe next year Aldridge will call for a boycott because Bed Bath & Beyond discriminates by excluding black jack-o’-lanterns. If so, the company will issue another apology and scurry to fill every display window with them.

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