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Oct 08 2020

Black Lives Matter Riot in Suburban Wauwatosa

The epidemic of leftist rioting is no longer just an urban problem. The mob demands that police be prosecuted for shooting blacks, regardless of the circumstances. When Officer Joseph Mensah was not prosecuted for shooting Alvin Cole, who had opened fire on the police, it had a pretext to riot, even in the Milwaukee suburb Wauwatosa (pop. 48,000).

The Blaze reports:

Wauwatosa police warned local residents to “shelter in their homes, lock their doors, and move away from windows.” Police fired tear gas outside homes in an effort to disperse the crowd.

Pandering to the brownshirts proved to be not only contemptible but useless:

[A] resident attempted to reason with the mob that ruined his yard by telling them that there are many locals who are Democrats that support Black Lives Matter. The man told protesters, “Do you have any idea how many Democrats, how many MPS teachers, union members, other people that support you live on this street?”

Progressives made their bed and are welcome to sleep in it. The problem is, patriots have to sleep in it too.

The BLM mob smashed store windows. A Speedway gas station convenience store was looted.

Black Lives Matter militants consider looting to be “reparation.” Their sociopathic behavior is justified by the ideology of our ruling class.

One man is heard screaming at the protesters, “Tear up the white folks’ s**t!” Even a business with a large Black Lives Matter sign was not spared from being damaged.

The savages made a point of demonstrating that they have no fear of authorities, having become accustomed to local Democrat officials effectively taking their side:

Vandals spray-painted Black Lives Matter on a S.W.A.T. BearCat and a bank.

Officer Joseph Mensah is black, by the way. But we all knew the “racist police” narrative was BS anyway.

Political pressure to prosecute police officers for defending themselves must be intense. The effect on public safety is obvious. Consequently, areas governed by Democrats are to be avoided whenever possible for the sake of personal safety.

If the Harris/Biden ticket prevails, the whole country will fall under Democrat rule. At least 13 Biden staffers have donated money to bail out rioters so they can carry on with their violent activities. De facto presidential candidate Harris has raised money for this cause. She has praised rioters as “the heroes of our time” and says the riots need to continue regardless of who wins the election.

Rioting is a form of political terror. It is America’s future under Democrat rule. Already, the suburbs are not safe. Soon, nowhere will be safe.

Suburbia under leftism.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.


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