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Jun 14 2020

Black Mob Finds Pretext to Riot in Atlanta

Every corporation and member of the liberal establishment that has endorsed Black Lives Matter over the past weeks endorses not only its demented agenda (empty prisons onto the streets, abolish police, forbid capitalism, issue payments to people for being black, etc), but also the ongoing mayhem. Local authorities have made it clear that riots will be tolerated when not openly encouraged. Already this has resulted in a situation where the slightest pretext suffices for mobs of violent Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation to start burning down businesses.

Friday night in Atlanta, an intoxicated Criminal of Color named Rayshard Brooks fell asleep behind the wheel, blocking traffic at a Wendy’s drive-through. When police arrived, Brooks resisted arrest, stole a cop’s Taser, and attempted to use it on an officer.

The maniac was unsurprisingly shot. Equally inevitably, entitled blacks promptly seized on the pretext to amp up their endless rioting.

The Wendy’s was torched, with firefighters prevented by the protesters rioters from putting out the flames while the building burned down. Other fires were set in the area.

The official response was what we have come to expect; the rioters were obsequiously rewarded.

Officer Garrett Rolfe was immediately fired. Officer Devin Bronsan was put on administrative duty. Police Chief Erika Shields resigned. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms needed no investigation to proclaim that the use of deadly force was not justified, reflexively siding with the lawless mob.

Don’t like the police? Assault an officer. It will get cops fired and probably thrown into prison.

True, you might be killed, but if so, you will be worshiped as a martyr by the mob and by the media, no matter whether you spent your life as a useless piece of criminal garbage.

The only way the authorities could do more to encourage rioting would be to issue cash payments to rioters. But there is no need for that, with looting all but legalized.

Democrats may not have to defund or abolish the police after all. If Black Lives Matter lunacy keeps up for long, no one will be willing to take the job.

A monument to liberalism.

On tips from Varla and 2👁2👁 Vision? NOPE!

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