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Sep 07 2018

Black Police Union Sides with Colin Kaepernick

Police associations understandably did not appreciate it when Nike tried to present itself as radical chic by making Colin Kaepernick the public face of their company. After all, Kaepernick’s main claim to fame is his public hatred of America in general but specifically of the police. This is a guy who, when he was a football player, wore to practice socks decorated with pigs in police hats. Hostility to law enforcement on the grounds that it must be racist since it arrests black criminals is at the root of his anti-civilization Black Lives Matter ideology.

The National Fraternal Order of Police has publicly acknowledged that Nike’s Kaepernick ads are an insult to police officers. The National Association of Police Organizations joined many other patriotic Americans in sensibly calling for a boycott of Nike products. But there is a police association that feels differently:

Sonia Y.W. Pruitt, the national chairperson of the National Black Police Association and a police lieutenant in Maryland, was watching the drama unfold this week and said she was upset by the reactions of the other police organizations. …

So on Wednesday she wrote a letter on behalf of her organization that served as a stirring defense of Kaepernick and sharp rebuke to the harsh words issued by the other police organizations.

“Stirring” in that it stirred the enthusiasm of the Cultural Marxists who run the “mainstream” media.

On behalf of the NBPA, Pruitt officially denounces the NAPO as racist for not agreeing that the militant black supremacist Colin Kaepernick is a suitable role model.

The NBPA is based in Dallas, where in 2016 the ideology personified by Kaepernick led to the assassination of five police officers. It is said to be the second largest black police organization.

We saw the corruption that poisoned the Fort Worth Police Department when high-ranking black officers placed black supremacist ideology before loyalty to law enforcement and to their fellow cops (see here and here). Now we know that this mentality is nationwide and goes to the top. This is an alarming development.

Consider the implications of police who explicitly regard themselves as proponents of a racist ideology rather than impartial enforcers of the law. No one with the possible exception of liberal journalists wants to live in a country like that.

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