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Feb 03 2017

Black Rifle Coffee: We’ll Hire 10,000 Veterans


Where would you rather get coffee, at a place that impudently promised to hire 10,000 refugees (presumably mainly from terrorist breeding grounds), or a place that promised to hire 10,000 veterans?

Black Rifle Coffee Company, founded by veteran Evan Hafer, is responding to Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz’ pledge to hire 10,000 refugees. Schultz’ announcement came last weekend in response to President Trump’s recent executive order temporarily barring refugees and visa holders from seven terror ridden countries.

Hafer describes the company:

I started Black Rifle Coffee Company to provide a high-quality, roast-to-order, coffee to the pro 2A and veteran communities. Between deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I was working to refine both my coffee roasting skills and my firearms skills. I have spent over a decade researching coffee, refining my roast profiles and (of course) drinking what I roast. Black Rifle Coffee is quite literally the combination of my two favorite passions. I take pride in the coffee we roast, the veterans we employ and the causes we support.

Whether they actually manage to hire 10,000 vets remains to be seen, but the more of their coffee you drink, the more likely they are to reach the goal.

Moonbats will be disappointed to learn that BRCC does not offer a Snowflake Smoothie:


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33 Responses to “Black Rifle Coffee: We’ll Hire 10,000 Veterans”

  1. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Great idea.

  2. Great marketing!

    And LOL over the White Snowflake Smoothie.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    I would prefer to buy my coffee from a company that specializes in producing coffee, not political virtue signaling. I prefer to buy my beer from a company that specializes in making and selling beer, not one that gives a rat’s ass about controlling who may or may not have a float in a St Patrick’s day parade. If a company is publicly traded, all their profits belong to the shareholders. The company execs should not be using it to feed their favorite political charities. I prefer to buy my household goods from a store that has bathrooms for the convenience of customers, not one that publicly announces policies and controls about who may use their bathrooms and how they should do it.

    I want the marketplace to stop harassing me about their social causes and just sell me stuff. (I also want them to stop asking me for charitable donations for their favorite causes)

  4. ArmyAviator says:

    Yeah and I want a Hollywood that just makes MOVIES. Spare me the “gay” marriage crap, the social justice crap and all the other Liberal Socialist manure that is so prevalent among the Hollywood moron-class! Listening to Meryl Streep and her manure laden spiel made me want to puke! And also, spare me the Liberal Socialist political PROPAGANDA that is so prevalent in movies today!

  5. Mr. Freemarket says:

    And clearly there are other customers that wish the companies they do business with to make charitable contributions to causes they support, etc.

    That’s what a free market is all about.

  6. 762x51 says:

    Looks more like an M4(AR-15) bolt as seen from the chamber.

  7. 762x51 says:

    Vote with your dollars and support a veteran owned business.

  8. Professor Hale says:

    I’m pretty sure there aren’t many people who really want that. What is common is the number of business executives who use their businesses like a personal political platform and the number of activists who embed themselves in big business. Add that to the activists who shake down businesses for donations and you pretty much see the whole trend accounted for.

  9. DM says:

    This is the web address for Black Rifle Coffee.
    Just love the packaging and names of the coffee. A bit pricy, but less than starbucks. Really good coffee is always pricy. Happy to have found this company will give it a try.

  10. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Companies such as Amazon, Suburu, Chili’s make it a point to highlight their charitable contributions. Every Wendy’s Restaurant has a sign on the wall talking about Dave Thomas and their support of their favorite cause.

    I’m pretty sure they do that because they believe it attracts some customers.

  11. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Absolutely, and we should also make sure people don’t talk about religious stuff while they vote. Those damn religious people always trying to harass me about morals while I’m just trying to choose my next set of dictators…

  12. TED says:

    How many customers at Starbucks do you think could say this…

  13. TED says:

    AMEN!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. TED says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. JonathanBurke says:

    Sadly, there is no Black Rifle Coffee store anywhere near my community.

  16. TED says: TRUELY A STARBUCKIAN!!!!!!!!

  17. TED says:

    Just imagine if FDR had said:

  18. Anonymous says:

    Seriously… if Starbucks wants to hire 10,000 “rapefugees” instead on 10,000 American veterans, they ain’t getting my business.

  19. octa bright says:

    I regret that I don’t drink coffee so can’t patronize Black Rifle Coffee Company. There is no way that I would patronize Starbucks, eve if it wasn’t grossly overpriced.

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